Which spec would be best for me?

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    Okay so I've been playing my barbarian quite a bit but want to return to wizard. I can't send a link to my character but trust me, none of the gear would be useful, with his gear right now act 3 inferno no mp is hard however I do have 40 million to spend.

    Would an archon build be best or cm wizard or maybe another build for farming mp 5 +? Also if you have any tips or video links that would be helpful please post.

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    "You can be whatever you want to be."

    No, seriously: try out some builds and then make a decision. See which spells you like, which playing style you like. Some like kiting, some like Archon, some like CMWW, and there are like dozens other builds (https://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7004037930).

    Archon can't go MP5+, at least not for 40m. CMWW could, but it wouldn't be really quick; you would have to get some EHP first and your DPS would be "meh". Would be a nice group support, though.

    I don't have any particular videos, and to be honest, most videos are shot by people with gear worth billions. Don't look at these videos and go like "wow, this looks nice, I'm gonna do that, too." MP levels, different builds and gear scale quite complicated for wizards. But it's most important that you pick something that you like - if you lack motivation, even the best build and gear will be useless. For example, although Meteor is highly effective for many builds and many people like it, I simply can't stand it. The delay is killing me and I just want more "click-boom" skill mechanics. But I'm also fine with lower MP levels and don't need to go MP5 all the time (it's less efficient anyways, just going MP7/8 with friends for keys/ubers).
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