Arcane Dynamo + Archon

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    Anybody know if the 75% damage buff lasts for entire duration of archon or if its just the first attack while in archon?
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    It's the first attack, i.e., the first right-click. You can stand there and kill everything with the Arcane Dynamo powered beam. As soon as you release the right mouse button, the effect wears off. Note: due to this game mechanics, it also skips the Archon transition, which means the 75% do not apply to the Arcane Destruction, if you think about using the the explosion rune.
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    if only it lasted the entire archon i would sell my source and get one with no apoc and just run a primary instead of twister :(
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    Don't get exactly what you're saying - but why not just switch source/weapon when you need APoC or not? Or why not just use a signature spell like Shock Pulse with Living Lightning rune, it works like a charm, I've been using it for a few weeks now... no need for APoC.
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    I get what he's saying, that a sig spell with dynamo would be pretty op. I second the statement about just quick swapping to an OH with APoC (and MH) if Archon is down. It works great for me and only takes a couple seconds to refresh it most of the time. I use a low dps MH with APoC to make it even easier to spam WW.
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