Returning wizard with outdated gear need HELP!

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    As the title says I've just returned to playing this to D3 since July and I've been a bit hasty on upgrades as I've already spend most of the 80m I just got when I sold a nice ammy. Im down to 7m and my current gear is as followers.

    I also have a different helm and offhand that I cant link since Im at work at the moment but im at about 43.5 - 49% crit depending on helm I want to bouce between CM / meteor or Archon build I know I'm lacking LoH or LS on my main weapon + a socket but I'm just lost as far as gearing atm. Thanx in advance for any helpful tips.
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    Crit hit dmg gear. You lack dmg on crit and that would help you a lot. Also may wanna do some research into a build. Wizards have changed a lot since July and there are some good builds. But also play how you want.
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