Please help me with my Wizard

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    Hello. This is my wizard:

    ~48k dps, 42k health, standard blizzard/venom hydra build. I'm actually playing act III mostly on monster power 3.

    My problem is i don't really find it fun because i need to kite everything that is not a slow skeletons and wait for hydra to kill everything, otherwise i'm dead. When i'm playing solo and fighting elites I often need to run through half of the map to kill them. When i'm playing with a friend, who is a whirlwind barb with 30k health and 30k dps, he is roflstomping everything and dies very, very rarely. Meanwhile, my potion is always on cooldown and i'm mostly running away from monsters trying not to die, while hydra is trying to kill what is chasing me.

    I just feel i'm wasting so much time running away from monsters instead of killing them. When i'm farming a certain location my friend with whirlwind barb needs like 4x less time to clear same area. It's not about act III, it's about my whole inferno experience.

    I'm obvoiusly a noob, so i need help. I have 3M gold, what should i buy to help me having fun with my Wizard?
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    Stop playing on MP3 and put it on 0 or 1,
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    Quote from Frerk

    Stop playing on MP3 and put it on 0 or 1,

    Pretty much this. You just don't have the stats to farm MP3.

    As for what to buy, I can't help you there, because I don't buy from the AH.
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    3m won't be enough to make MP3 fun, you need a bit more for that. You could spend that 3m to make some minor upgrades though, for example get a better necklace, better gem for your weapon, maybe get a better ring. Also, for kiting you want max run speed - try to grab Lacunis or Tyrael's Might; I suggest the latter because it also gives you some more allres.

    You should definitely go to a lower MP level. Or is it your friend who keeps you on MP3? I have to say I'm not entirely sure what the best wizard spec is when teaming up with barbs... CMWW is pointless. Maybe Archon could work, because he'll not instantly kill everything but do a good amount of damage and maybe you can finish all the mobs with Archon, get the killing blows and extend its duration.

    I'm just thinking - if you don't like kiting, why use a kiting build? Play around a bit. Get items with "arcane power on crit" and use some of the other spells, such as Arcane Orb, Disintegrate, ... these spells deal direct damage, without the delay that you're experiencing now.
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    +1 mp1 instead of mp3

    If you want to stick with the kiting strategy, if you are good enough not to get hit regularly, then I would switch out of teleport to familiar-sparkflint for dps upgrade and switch out energy armor for storm armor-thunder storm (then you can get rid of your passive illusionist too). I used to run blizzard/hydra before I got the equipment to run archon, and I sincerely feel that Storm Armor does a way better job of killing stuff than bliz or hydra. Once you get the slow from bliz and drop your hydra in the middle, you can run around your bliz and let storm armor do the rest. I can't read your profile in polish and google translate isn't helping much, so I can't suggest much for equipment changes. I'm running ok in mp6 with about 4000 armor, 5-600 RA and 25k hp, but honestly it all could be a little higher. Once you have that set, start working on getting higher Int, Crit chance and crit damage. Attack speed doesn't help much with this build since blizzard, storm armor, and hydra are all not affected by it.
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    Quote from JKlimek

    I can't read your profile in polish and google translate isn't helping much, so I can't suggest much for equipment changes.

    Change the "pl" in the address bar to "en".

    ... or click here:
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    Well you have a lot of gear that can use a real upgrade. To say the truth about the fun factor, i dont think the always kiting blizzard/hidra build is fun. I played it for quite some time, and its quite effective, but its boring. Archon, thats fun.
    Another topic is, why mp3. Because there is no reason. You dont have gear for mp3, and you can get very good drops just at mp1. I have a wizzard thats a lot better geared than you and i play at mp1. For magic find and paragon levels the speed compensates for the bones mf and xp.
    If you want keys get some friends and play mp5. And you'r still very far from doing the infernal machine.
    Annyways, in the next week there is a guy here,
    Nnimity, that will probably solve all your questions. He will talk about the viable builds and how to get good gear for exactly the amount of money you have ,3 million.
    But if you want fun, use archon. Its very good.
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    Holy buckets, your weapon is perfect for a Triumvirate (wiz source)! You can pick one of those up cheap with decent damage and that would increase your damage considerably (10k + easy).

    You helmet needs a socket with a ruby. The 20%+ bonus from exp is about the best thing you can do for your character so that you can get over the hump and start farming better items.

    I would strongly recommend another 12% move speed item like Lacuni Bracers. It helps kite enemies considerably well and even though you can't quantify it with a number on your character sheet, I think that will increase your survivability more than anything other than a Triumvirate.

    Another thing that will help considerably is life steal/life on hit. Unfortunately you're kind of in a crappy position on that. Almost none of the wizard spells like Blizzard, Hyrda, and Storm Armor trigger LOH, but they do use Life Steal. The crappier part of that is the only way you can get LS is 3% on your weapon, and 1.5% from a rune on Magic Weapon-Blood Magic. It's nerfed to 20% in Inferno, so even 4.5% LS is actually just under 1% which at your dps is only about 450 "per hit". I think it's still something worth working towards tho, especially since it will only get better once you get more DPS.

    ***BE CAREFUL when you replace your weapon. The reason it's so good for a Triumvirate is that it's all base damage and no elemental damage. The elemental damage bonus from Triumvirate only adds to base damage, not to elemental damage, so if you replace your weapon down the road for life steal, make sure it doesn't have any elemental damage****

    You should be able to replace your offhand ring with one that has crit chance 4+ pretty cheaply as well.

    Put a bigger emerald in your weapon.

    You can pick up a lot of crit chance on your helm, bracers, and source.

    Once you pick up some more money, I would suggest looking for gloves, amulets, and rings that have 2 trifecta stats (Attack Speed, Crit Chance, and Crit Damage)
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    You could buy a cheap triumvirate and gain a boatload of DPS for about 50k. Just run them through a calculator to figure out what the biggest gain would be per gold spend. Don't forget you can also search by average damage now so start around 200 Average Damage.

    You could also upgrade your gloves, rings, and amulet rather cheaply for huge gains in DPS.

    I bumped my friend up from like 20k dps to 70-80k dps on <300k gold.
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