now at 3.05 attack speed

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    hey fellow wizards,

    been playing and upgrading for a while now. Been upgrading for much attack speed (now at 3.05) ...
    got cheap my lucanni's and inna's So i think my attack speed is enough
    But is it a bit to high ? I changed my bracers to lucanni's but when i did i lost quit a bit all res on it (77%)
    Also on my pants i lost all res. Been replacing my right ring to get some all res back but mayby i lost too much?
    Total all res is about 550 unbuffed and buffed 700

    What do you think i should do? take some allres back? replace my amu;et to get some crit damage on it?

    (my crit damage is at 119 % )

    Dont get me wrong the attack speed is nice also the movement speed(24%) but i think something is missing?
    and what kind of item is best for me?

    thanx in advance!!

    p.s my battletag is:

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    EDIT: OP's profile -

    Are you EU or US?
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    Quote from maka

    Are you EU or US?

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    In my experience, there's no real reason to get attack speed above the 2.7ish breakpoint for CM unless you plan on being a perma-freezing tank for trivializing uber fights.

    You can afford to lose some attck speed to get more dmg and or eph
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    Umm... I used to run 2.75 attack speed, but now I'm down to 2.15 and that's already above average.

    But hey, everyone gears their own way. Funny thing is, if you can manage to rack up about 1 billion gold, you can pretty much add crit damage to each of your jewelry pieces. (FYI, I mean 1 billion per piece)

    Why not try try and find a high int + high all res Zunimassa's Journey for the extra 6-7% attack speed? :Thumbs Up:

    Maybe save up even more gold and get a 9% attack speed Chantodo's Force with AP on crit. That way you can swap out Storm Crow and use either Andariel's Visage or Mempo of Twilight for... gasp, even more attack speed.

    Edit: Like this guy: http://www.diablopro...0/스피드단결/7196035 Oh, my +96% attack speed...
    Blizzard Entertainment - Diablo III Community MVP
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    i lol'd so hard when i saw that guys profile so much ias xD
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    Quote from dabishi

    i lol'd so hard when i saw that guys profile so much ias xD
    Hey someone's gotta test the break point for 50 tick twisters
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    yeah thanx for the replies....
    like my atsp atm haha did loose a lot of all res do

    thinking of getting new pants and loosing a bit atsp and win int/all res
    or/and gettting a new amulet with cc/cd/high int

    what to do what to do...
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