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    Hi. ^^

    I need help with my wizard. I'm using the CM build. Battletag Sergije#2717 (eu)

    I'm wondering which items should i repleace first, and which stats should i go after.
    I'm only able to solo up to MP3.
    Thank you in advance :)
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    Your build can use a major overhaul. You have blades AND twister, usually you should pick one because they both serve the same purpose of proccing CM. Personally, I'd drop blades for EB - CR or the AP reduction one, I'd swap galv ward to Evocation, and change the rune on frost nova to the CD reduction one. Then you have the basic defensive CM build.

    For gear, you need to replace quite a few pieces to run the basic CM build, but you can get many of those for fairly cheap. First I'd drop your shield for a OH with APoC (I prefer triumvirate for budget builds). Then I'd replace the weapon for a fast dagger, wand, or sword with high IAS and a socket. If you get a triumvirate, make sure the weapon has only physical damage for maximum dps. Then replace the amulet and your right that doesn't have crit with versions that do. Aim for 4-4.5% crit on the ring and 8-8.5% crit on the neck. IAS would be a decent additional stat, but for now i'd look into getting a bit more Int and/or resists, if it doesn't cost too much. If you can find any with a decent amount of LoH (200+), it might be worth looking into, but not completely necessary. Blackthorn pants are great for for CM wizards because of high vit, life%, and the 400 or so LoH.

    I'm on US side so I don't know how much upgrades cost, but hopefully the ring and amulet can be found for under 1 mil each and the weapon + OH for maybe a couple mil, depending on your budget.

    With all that, you should be able to tackle MP4-5 without much difficulty, though the higher the MP the less efficient it becomes to farm xp and loot. Stats to aim for at first: 40% crit, 17 APoC, 500-900 LoH, and as many resists and armor as possible. My MP7 uber boss min suggestion is around 40% crit, 20 APoC, 900 LoH, 4000 armor and 500 resists unbuffed, using the full defensive build, assuming you're running in a group.
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