Help needed with my Wizard

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    Hi all!
    So ive been playing diablo for a while now, mainly on my DH but after levelling my wizard i find playing him more enjoyable.

    Im not sure where to go with my wizard tho, im pretty stumped as to what i need to upgrade or if i need to change my spec
    I find myself dying a fair amount when running with my monk friend on MP4 for key runs, so im figuring i should get more resist all for survival.

    Ive come to the community for advice on where i should go with my wizard! So it would be great to hear from you guys and get some advice!

    My wizard :
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    Looks like you are playing a kiting build. I'm not a big fan of kiting. With mods that jail and teleport all over it can be annoying. But if you like kiting then you are all good. I would just try to improve on the gear you currently have. More res would help out if you have problems getting killed. YOu may also check other builds. Do be scared to try out new builds.
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    I'm inclined to recommend a meteor build given that sexy sexy -5 meteor oculus in your profile. You need some EH, and some crit to get into the world of critical mass tanking builds. There is a raining meteor build that is sort of a hybrid between crtiical mass and kiting builds that looks like it might be the sort of thing you are looking for, and having meteor cost reduction gear already should make it pretty easy for you to run:


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    You have a really awkward build based on your profile... and I'm not sure which direction you're trying to go. Being special is nice, but if you can't farm properly and are not having fun, it's time to change it up.

    Your damage is fine to run Archon on MP0 and 1, but your HP is abysmal. You can grab a few pieces in AH for cheap without sacrificing your int bonuses (looking at your shoulder and belt in particular). Avoid stacking vitality on your jewelry pieces because you want DPS stats on those. If you stack vit on them, it's going to be harder for you to upgrade later when you have to accommodate elsewhere. Focus on int+vit on your shoulder, chest, pants, and belt if you're not going for Witching Hour. Everything else get high crit chance when possible, crit damage and attack speed when possible, and of course high int.

    Tweak your skill build. It will work wonders for you.
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    Thanks for thr responses!

    Yea i was running a kiting build mainly because i found it easier solo. However most of the time im running with my monk or barb friend or both so i need to kite alot less so I would prob need a build that would help me do the most damage possible while staying awlive when a stray mobs comes my way. We usually run MP4. Solo i have no issue on MP0-MP3.

    I was going to use metor, but i decided against it as i dont really like it due to the delay. I actually found the offhand on my DH.

    I was thinking of changing energy armour rune to get resistances but other than that im not sure what other changes as far as spec i could do, I dont have the gear to run arcon in MP4 as mobs just dont die fast enuff. Any ideas or could you provide a few examples of specs i could use?

    thanks again for the speedy responses i look forward to hearing more!
    - The bird of Hermes is my name eating my wings to make me tame. -

    - To save a life in defeat is to earn victory and honor within. -
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    Quote from Kensei

    Solo i have no issue on MP0-MP3.

    Then stay on MP3. There's no shame in doing so. I farm MP3. Just stick to the most efficient level and build accordingly.
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    Ahh yea i have no issue farming it on mp3 or anything its just when we do co op mainly key farming my friend put its on mp4, so i wud prob need a build to help me survive and do damage with my co op buddies as i do feel usless when im dead
    - The bird of Hermes is my name eating my wings to make me tame. -

    - To save a life in defeat is to earn victory and honor within. -
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