Noobie CM Wiz lf help for upgrades

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    Hello everyone, i recently decided to return to diablo 3. After a very bad experience with my witch doctor i decided to go wizard for my return.
    I am currently going with a CM build, im struggling a bit on act 3 mp3 but i can farm most of it fine.
    I finally got a decent 40m drop and i was looking for updates but im a bit unsure, not sure if more damage could make me survive better or to go with more def.
    Also ive been looking at Chantodo for weapon but its super expensive and it does have APoC but im not sure if i need much more (currently around 20)
    so, do i upgrade weapon? def? or just keep saving lol?

    Any tips would be appreciated,

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    if you know how i can post it let me know, i wouldnt want to have to post 10 times with little content just to reach the cap
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    No problem! I'll post it here, but if you want you can edit your OP and just paste it there; use the entire address, but just remove the http:// portion of it, so the system won't recognise it as a web address.

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    With your OH, a chanto's weapon is not recommended. I personally find them overrated and overpriced, at least when first gearing up, because an all physical weapon with a cheap triumvirate gives a ton of dps to get started with. I'd look for a sword, wand, or ideally a dagger with IAS and a socket, but with only physical damage, so no arcane, poison, arcane, etc. damage on the weapon. That should give you a decent amount of extra damage compared to the chanto.

    I notice you seem to be very lacking in LoH though, so I'd highly recomment getting some. It's super expensive to find on weapons, which is why a lot of intro CM builds use Storm Crow. You lose a little crit and int but you gain a decent amount of LoH (300-450 or so) and they have 9-10 APoC on them standard. If you're really bummed about the loss of crit you can find one with 3% crit or so for around 5-7 mil, otherwise without crit they're dirt cheap, ranging from 50k to a couple mil, depending on what you get for the one random roll (resist all is good, or a socket).

    Aside from a little LoH, what to upgrade depends a lot on what you want to do. I personally only use my CM build to tank ubers since I find Archon form more efficient at farming xp/loot. If you want to farm xp/loot more efficiently, i'd recommend switching to an Archon build for that and run MP0-1, then focus your CM gear on more defensive stats to allow you to tank higher MP uber in groups. If you want to farm in CM spec, then I'd recommend raising your dps a bit more while maintaining or slightly increasing your defensive stats, but I still think Archon would be more efficient.
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    get a cheap blackthornes jousting mail for the LOH, you'll find as a CM when you stack LOH you will die far far less to those nasty elite packs with even nastier skill combo's, as your APS goes up the LOH you have gains from it heavily,

    I used to only have 350 loh from black thornes, that was fine for mp3 - 4. but after that i needed alot more to offset the damage i was taking. Currently i have 1450, that gets me through mp10 ubers :D
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