Trying to get up and over the 60k dps hump

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    I've made upgrades and changed my spec around. I love my current spec/play style so I'm looking for upgrades. My Bnet page is updated as of the last time playing. All of my upgrades must be budget minded. As I don't ever have much gold on me. Last night I got the Zuni Pox with gold find to help compensate for the low amount of gold, but in doing so I spent a chunk of gold. So right now I'm at 200k gold or so and should be back and up to 2.5 million by Tuesday if all goes well.

    So based on that what potential upgrades do you guys see for me?

    I know I need more Crit Dam and probably more Att Speed. I would like to recoup some of my life back. I was at one point at around 40k now being at 22k it sucks.
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    You should be able to sell your Vile Ward to a class for which its better suited (a barbarian for example) and get decent ones plus a bit of money. Gloves and offhand could two other slots that could be upgraded without spending too much money, if you find a good deal; however, I'm not sure how important the Tal Rasha 4pc set bonus is to you. But the offhand base damage is way too low...
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    You could get better bracers, hopefully for cheap. I'm look at 4.5% crit and 140+int and go from there. Or you can look at Lacuni Prowlers for some movement speed, plus with the IAS on them they'd probably be a decent upgrade, as long as you get a pair with Int.

    Your OH is also very low damage, but I don't know the prices of those kind of sources, and a Triumvirate doesn't work well with that wand because it has elemental damage.
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    Lacuni's are a hopefully near future upgrade, as well as boots. I'm wanting to go Zuni boots for the 3 set bonus with the all res and to gain some movement speed finally.

    I never realized that my shoulders aren't really spec'd for a wizard. Thank you for pointing that out. The sad thing is they are better than my previous shoulders.

    As far as the whole triumvirate goes mind schooling me a little bit about the elemental damage? I went with the Tal set for the bonus to the Arcane regen and the blizzard duration increase.

    Is my main hand (left side) ring a good ring for where I'm at or will that need to change down the road as well?
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    For Triumvirate, Zuni boots, or any item with the affix that says "Adds x% to cold damage" or arcane, poison, etc, like your tal neck, it basically takes the percent of your damage that is physical and multiplies that by x%. So if half your damage is physical because of your weapon, then you only get x/2 % bonus damage. For cases of multiple items with the affix, just add them all up. Some quick math tells me that using your current weapon your total damage is about 50% physical, so you only get about 2.5% bonus damage from the amulet, and you'll only get half the effectiveness from the zuni boots and triumvirate.

    You'd have to replace your weapon with a purely physical weapon to gain the most benefit from those types if affixes. Also, to be clear, the tal set bonus is different and only increases the damage of skills used that have that specific damage type, so the 4 set gives you 3% bonus damage to your blizzard and Forked Lightning skills, but otherwise gives no other benefit aside from the extra arcane regen (which isn't terrible with a channeling spell like disintegrate).

    Your ring seems alright, but definitely replaceable, though you might want to consider replacing other pieces first, since you probably can get more dps for your gold from other slots.
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    Chantodo Will is not a bad wand since he had a good attack speed that scale great with a source. But your source are really to low. If you take a Chantodo Force you will also benefit from 130 int. The problem is that if you want to keep you ap on crit, it will cost you at least 20M.
    I think for 2M the only part you could find a DPS upgrade is you legs. Look for rare with 160intel + 2 sockets.
    With vita and resist all the lower i see on AH are at 1M actually.
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    Well, tonight I got over the 60k hump. I did it by chance even. Found a chantodos source which bumped me 14k. Then play for a little bit more get some gold and bought some lacuni's. Found a manticore and traded it for a better source which bumped me another 7k. And bought a new chantodos wand for another 1k increase. Now I'm sitting right at 80k with pinpoint enabled.

    So any new suggestions other than boots, helm, belt, and jewelry?
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    You lack of critical damage, try to change your gloves with a combo crit and crit damage (if trifecta with ias is better). 30-35% of critical damage on gloves will bump you at least of 15k dps. Also the tal rasha bonuses are fine, but the belt is quite horrible and the BiS belt for every wizard is the Witching hour (wich has critical damage and ias).

    A huge increase will come swapping the chest with tal rasha (so you can change the belt and keep the bonus) and keep the zunimassa bonus with Zunimass boots (wich are BiS aswell).

    As you can see my toon has probably worst gear than your, but I managed to get 132k dps and I only have 230% critical damage. A proper weapon/amulet/belt would increase dps at least another 30-40k.

    - Change gloves, ASAP
    - Get Tal rasha chest
    - Get Zunimassa boots
    - Get some bracers with better stats

    Remember, INT has priority, every 10 stat point you'll gain 1 to All res. Reaching 3000 int is a solid 300 to all res and a huge dps increase. Don't understimate also the power of Add % life affix.

    edit: (I guess people already said that your Vile guard is rolled for barbs and not wizards :D)
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    Yeah my vile ward is gone. I hate how long the servers take to update character sheets.

    Would you say that life% carries more than vitality or is it a mixture of the two.
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    Quote from Wetzeb

    Would you say that life% carries more than vitality or is it a mixture of the two.

    You're at 25k life now, so 1 life% gives you ~250 life. Not much. One vitality always gives you 35 life, so at your level 8% life equal 57 vitality. The more life you have, the more useful life% gets; most wizards are between 30 and 40k, and at around 35k life% slowly starts to pay off.

    It is a mixture or vitality only, but you can never stack life% without vitality.
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    I was in the same boat as you for over a month. It just takes a lot of AH stalking, or a lot of gold to make headway when you are at your gear level.
    When I got stuck like that, what I did was focus on farming, refined my run route (A3 "Alzaizer" route is an obivous choice) refined my playstyle, adjusted some abilities, and farmed hard for a week or so. I was able to get over 100 million by just focusing on efficiency and mazimizing profits on the AH.
    From there, I did some research on gear and determined what legendaries I wanted. Even made a cheat sheet with the best bonuses from legendaries. Once I have a good game plan, I hit the AH. I was sick of bargain shopping for 1-2k dps upgrades, just to find out theres a better legendary for a few 10k more.

    I decided on:
    Vile Ward
    Storm Crow
    2 pc Zunis (boots/ring)
    Withcing hour
    I use chest and pants for high vit so I can skip vit elsewhere (namely gloves, neck, ring) so I kind of fell into a nice Blaskthornes 2-pc. I love the LOH on the pants.

    So I hit the AH hard, and I am sitting at 117 unbuffed without losing EHP.
    WHen you get to a block in the road, its time to sit down an evaluate your gear, to start putting real thought into the set as apposed to 1 piece at a time.
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    Feel free to add me and we can do some research in-game.

    In the past two days, I got a struggling wizard from 20K dps VenoHydra-Blizzard build stuck in Act 2 MP0 up to over 75K dps running Archon in Act 3 MP1 using only his measly amount of gold. About 3 mil if I remember correctly.

    Depending on your budget, I can probably point you somewhere. I've geared players with as little as 1 mil gold to as high as 750M.
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    I'll add you Jaetch. My biggest thing with hitting farming hard is the time in between my play times. I have on average 3 days of play time for me. With about 5-8 hours each day.
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