Budget Guide - Archon Wizard for under 2Mil that can run an Alkaizer route in 12-13mins for 33-35mil XP per hour

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    Got the idea this weekend to put together a budget wizard. Gave it a shot and the results were encouraging so I thought I would share in case it helps anybody who's new to the game or just looking to build a wizard on a budget.

    I set a limit at 100k per item and I needed to fill all 13 slots. I bought 12 of the items and the topaz gems for a total of 1,229,002. I already had the andariel's visage and the star emerald, but a search of the AH shows that you can buy an equivalent Andy's for only 30k. (http://i.imgur.com/QaW3S.jpg and http://i.imgur.com/bvF3Y.jpg). Star emerald's are selling for 650k. That brings the total to 1,909,002. Of that, obviously a third is the star emerald and you could save another several hundred thousand gold by just using a slightly worse gem. I doubt it would make much difference.

    Here is the character: http://us.battle.net...-1475/hero/1467

    Here is a screenshot showing stats: http://i.imgur.com/4xGBO.jpg

    Here is the screenshot of the AH page showing all the items and their prices: http://i.imgur.com/T4WCT.jpg

    Here is the two part video showing an Alkaizer run:

    Part 1 - https://www.youtube....h?v=CxklfGpq3mU

    Part 2 - https://www.youtube....h?v=23mxZR5AToY

    This run is pretty representative. Over a few runs I was finishing them in about 12-13 minutes and netting over 7mil XP, for a total of around 33-35mil XP per hour. Keep in mind this is without a ruby.

    General goals:

    Defense - I needed enough EHP for force armor to reduce most/all hits on MP0 to no more than 35% of my life. That is only about 75k EHP for MP0 (http://www.diablofan...nd-breakpoints/). I ended up with 108k, which is overkill obviously and means my gear would have been plenty even if I was paragon level 0.

    Movement speed - 24% was non-negotiable for efficient farming and maintaining Archon.

    Offense - After the previous goals were reached, the rest of the gear was focused on maximizing DPS. However, that also needed to include substantial crit chance so that I could reset Archon with energy twister if it fell off.

    Goals for each slot:

    Helm: Andy's was the obvious choice here. Nothing else affordable gives that kind of offensive firepower in this slot.

    Shoulders: These can't carry any offensive stat besides int so I devoted this slot basically to defense with a lot of vit and some resists.

    Amulet: This is a big DPS slot. Crit chance and int were mandatory, but attack speed and crit damage were too expensive. So I got a combination of int, crit chance and +dmg, which was very cost effective.

    Gloves: Another big dps slot, so defensive stats were ignored here. Just focused on the most int, crit chance, and crit damage that could be had under 100k.

    Chest: This is a good slot to pick up vit, since it naturally spawns high on this slot. 3 sockets were non-negotiable, but I got lucky with a little MF.

    Bracers: Lacunis were non-negotiable because 24% movement speed was a priority. But I was able to find some with 9% IAS and a decent bit of int.

    Rings: Like the amulet, crit chance was necessary and crit damage and IAS were too expensive, so these had a combination of int, crit chance, and +dmg.

    Belt: Int and vit proved too expensive, so I picked up one with decent int and a bunch of strength and some resists. The strength provides armor which is boosted by energy armor.

    Pants: Like the chest, a good slot to pick up your vit, and sockets are non-negotiable. Found a pair with some resists as well.

    Boots: 12% movement speed was non-negotiable, and I wanted a decent bit of int. The firewalkers turned out to be a good deal, and the fire effect is nice for breaking stuff like doors in Archon.

    Weapon: This needed to have lifesteal, because that's necessary for Archon, as well as a socket and natural crit damage to take advantage of all the crit chance on the other slots. So I just searched with those parameters and a max buyout of 100k

    Offhand: Triumvirate was the obvious choice here, even without a black weapon. Naturally high int and crit chance combined with the large boost from the +ele damage which benefits from the +dmg on my jewelry. It blew the comparable rares out of the water.

    Hopefully somebody finds all of this helpful!

    (FYI this is a crosspost that I also made on reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/Diablo/comments/12mlt7/budget_guide_archon_wizard_for_under_2mil_gold/)
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    This was extremely helpful and very cool. Purchased some very cheap upgrades for a gain of some 15k dps. Thank you very much.
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    Are you on EU? I dont think all of those prices are quite that cheap in US, unless they've quickly dropped recently
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    Quote from Cold_Drink

    Are you on EU? I dont think all of those prices are quite that cheap in US, unless they've quickly dropped recently

    It's on the US. I got all the gear with buyouts in about 20-30 minutes, so it definitely should be possible to replicate.
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    Quote from Cold_Drink

    Are you on EU? I dont think all of those prices are quite that cheap in US, unless they've quickly dropped recently

    last i check for top tier US was far far cheaper in comaprable items to EU. Makes sence really, far larger playbase means far high supply and athough more demand, anyon can get lucky and roll perfect stats but not everyone can buy that gear. More supply but less demand forces prices down.
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