Spectral Blade build viable even on MP10

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    Since i don't like to use common build and still think that there is build diversity, i will present you a Spectral Blade based Build.

    Despite Diablo 2, the mechanism of Diablo 3 is the same for caster and melee. So i try to play my wizard like a barb with a melee cleave like spell that have Life Leach and stuff her like a DPS tank.

    The first to know about Spectral Blade is that there is no elemental dmg modifier. So if you have a fire weapon and "add % cold dmg" on your gear it will do both type of dmg. Why is it important ? Because it let you use the 2 passives "Cold Blooded" and "Conflagration" for a total bonus of 30% with no counter part (like Glass Canon)

    Then to mitigate efficiently dmg income you will need tanking gear. Sorc don't have heal based on % life so stacking Vitality is not a good idea (40/50k should be enough). It's the same for Diamond Skin, it doesn't scale with your life pool, but armor and resistance are apply on it.
    So best Sorc tanking stuff are Armor, AR AND dmg reduction vs elite (don't negligate this last, i have actually 21% reduction on my gear and it's noticable)

    When starting to play this type of build you will have a difficult progression curve since you will need to increase your defense first to survive (dealing no dmg) and after that you will be able to increase your dmg (that will in fact also increase your life regen and let you take less defensive skill)
    It's not the easy way but it had the same progression perspective as the Barbarian actually (who are op)

    This build is particulary interesting in group play since you can give a bonus of 45% dmg to your allies while in the melee : 20% from Slow Time, 15% from Nova and 10% from Conflagration (yes you also do the job of the monk)

    You will find bellow 3 video to see the result :
    - The first one show a Keywarden run on MP10 with all defensives skills (around 20 min to get a key 100%) :
    - The second one is a DPS check vs Ghom on MP10 (820k DPS while tanking) :
    - The last one shows a XP run on MP6 (20/30M per hour, lower MP are faster but video will not be really relevant) :

    My profile is available here :
    Keep in mind i didn't use real money to stuff this character so lot of the gear can be upgrade to increase efficiency.
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    Nice build dude! I enjoyed reading and watching your videos.
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    I'm actually fairly impressed at how quickly you clear mp6 with this setup and how fast you heal up. Seems good for solo play, but I'm not sold that it beats out perma-stunning of a full CM wiz for ubers.

    Nice vids, and always cool to see someone make a different build work.
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    Quote from BDF2000

    Seems good for solo play, but I'm not sold that it beats out perma-stunning of a full CM wiz for ubers.

    You cannot be more right. Nothing can beat trivializing the encounters for every other player in the party as perma freeze Wizards do.
    It's not MP10. It's not even playing the game anymore.
    The blizzard rush build

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