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    I have 60 mil to upgrade with, what piece is next?

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    Witching Hour ofc! For 60 mil you even can have allres on it. It will boost you, trust me!
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    Quote from Cyber561

    Witching Hour ofc! For 60 mil you even can have allres on it. It will boost you, trust me!

    60m for a WH with allres? Maybe on US. On EU for that you will get 10-20 allres max (I've been looking for one for weeks and decided to skip on allres for now). So yeah, go for the WH, especially since you're on US ;-)

    Besides that, if prices are not completely back to normal you should really upgrade your gems (helm and weapon).

    Last but not least, 25% crit chance is too low for a CM build. You could think about replacing your Hellfire Ring with a crit/IAS ring (and put an XP gem in your helmet) or replacing the Lacuni's - no idea how much these are with crit at the moment. I guess replacing your Skorn to get the 10% offhand crit would be too expensive in your DPS range...
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    It's not a CM build, it's an Archon build. The CM is mostly there to help refresh Archon, which most of the time isn't really needed, as well as to help refresh the arcane smash or whatever it's called while in archon form. Because of that, high crit isn't as essential as for a melee cm type build, as long as you can get a high dps.

    However, if the loss of Life Steal isn't problematic, I'd switch to a 1h+OH since you should be able to greatly increase your dps. In fact, if you sold your Skorn, you could probably gain dps for less gold than you'd get back. Aim for a 1k dps 1h with socket and life steal (though they're getting pricey) and a high damage Triumvirate with either a socket or over 200 Int with 150-200 average damage or higher. I wouldn't be suprised to see that gain you 10-15k dps or so, as long as the weapon is purely physical damage, so no arcane, poison, etc damage. For reference, my 1h+OH combo is as good or better than Skorn with like 1400 DPS and near max crit damage, 300 int, and socket.
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    Thanks for your help guys, it's really appreciated!
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    Hi, I'll post my question here so I don't have to make another new topic about the same thing.

    What do you recommend as the best upgrade for me right now? I only have like 9 million to spend.
    Any other tips are welcome too :) I mostly do Act 3 on MP3 with this and sometimes MP5 with friends, but I die alot more then. I know my resists and hp are low.

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