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    do 1 of you know whats the best weapon to get for cm wizard?.
    See my profile... got the feeling i should upgrade my weapon. Got now one with loh and crit damage
    Is echoing fury one whats best for me as a cm wiz.? And if so should i search for it with a socket and put a emerald in it with 100% crit?
    Also is 2.5 % damage converted to life beter ot wourse than loh?

    And if you where me for howmuch dps should i go ? 900? or 1100-1200?

    last question is it bad when i lose about 40/50 crit damage on it when i get a echoing??

    Hope you can help me looking forward for 1.05 and i don't think "cm wiz. is dead!" its fun to play like this and think its still possible with cm

    thanx and greetz from holland

    sorry cant place url to my profile on blizzard
    my current weapon is a wand 814 dps
    min/max 349-770
    crit damage 51
    intel 108
    loh 350
    socket 80 crit damage
    1.40 attacks per second
    +11 max arcane power

    sorry for the caps
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    crit is always good, if you're cm though you might as well invest in some more attack speed, chantodo's is really good, but really really expensive.

    also the fear proc isn't the best for cm since you always want to be stunlocking.
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    ye, i found the fear proc anoying. so i went with Devil Tounge with 240int, life leetch and a sockt. 900dps. cost me 10m. life leetch is a must have when you are doing archon
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    mm im not doing archon but im a cm wizard.

    im in doubt between a chantadoo or a choing fury what would you guys do?

    thanx for the responses!!

    greetz from holland
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    isn't the whole point of echoing fury the +0.2x attacks per second that also affects your offhand? And since wizards don't use two weapons (dual wield) it isn't any good for them? (or at least that stat)
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    You want a lot of AP on crit for CM. DPS is secondary for stunlock wizards as you just want to make sure you can keep your spells up as much as possible.

    I would recommend a decent Chantodo's Will simply because they can roll high DPS and always have AP on crit.
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    I think it also depends on your spec. If you use a meteor build, attack speed isn't as important because AS doesn't affect meteor ticks. For twister builds AS is important because it increases CM procs per twister. AP on crit is good for everything with the spec, including dps, stunlock, and DS uptime. With the PTR spell coefficients, you probably can't get too much AP on Crit. All crit damage does is increases dps, so if you don't have problems with surviving, then crank that stat up, otherwise it's not all that imortant.

    I agree with the Will over Fury, but either way, the +attacks per second stat isn't any different from +attack speed on weapons for wizards because we don't dual wield, like a poster above mentioned. Thus a rare wand with AP on crit and +IAS would be just as good as a Will, but it's hard to find a rare with those stats and the high dps that most Wills have. If you have access to MATLAB software you can use my CM dps simulator and compare the differenent stats.

    Regarding LoH vs Life Steal, I'm going to look into that a bit because I'm curious myself how they compare with the new spell coefficients.
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    Just looted this Baby...
    Trading for a equally good Tal Neck with at least 8% crit.
    Otherwise looking for around ~250m (100% socket included).

    EU ONLY !!! --> Xeno#2262

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    that 1220 echoing fury so not worth that much lol the str took up a valuable stat xD
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    yeah i got my chantodo's will !!

    can recommended for everyone!, attack speed now at 2.4! did lose 135 crit damage but dont miss it at all!
    and the extra dps ( now at 1100 ) is awesome to
    glad i saved up
    (now i hope they dont drop in price after 1.05 haha)

    thanx for the tips!!
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    the str is a wasted stat, but it is still a nice weapon
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