Blizzard must come up with a more intuitive way to cancel Archon

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    Pretty much what the title says. As I, many wizards out there would be grateful for a blue post dignifying this with a response; that is, is Blizzard working on a way to change how wizards can cancel archon to jump out of it (other than right clicking the buff), or not ?

    And while on the matter, is blizzard working on a way to change how Archon extends its duration for MP10/High MPs, or do they want us to avoid the build alltogether when playing MP10/High MPs? If so, coupled w/ all we 've seen regarding the Meteor/Spectral Blades etc nerfs, I 'm starting to think blizzard just literally has something against the class itself lol.
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    They would have to completely change the skill for it to become viable in high MP levels, and I don't think they're going to do that. I think their changes to meteor and spectral blades was to prevent the new ring proc from getting out of control. It seems the meteor build is still viable, and the WW spec has been viable since 1.0.4.

    As for cancelling, I do wish it were a little easier to cancel, like maybe add a button to #4 to end it, but it hasn't really been an issue for me yet, aside from never remembering if I have to left click or right click to cancel it.
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    I know they 'd have to redesign it to make it work for high mp levels, that's what i meant anyway.
    For example it could be based on damage dealt instead of actual monster kills. Seems fair to me.

    As for the CM builds being viable, i guess they should be, seeing the most recent patch note updates. But i 've moved away from the melee wiz phase cause i cant be arsed to have blizzard render my build/gear nearly useless every month just for the kicks of it.

    Other than that, just cause other builds are viable for high mp difficulties doesn't archon shouldnt be. Last time i read patch notes, as in like 2-3 other patches before that, blizzard couldn't stop mentioning the phrase "build diversity" as an excuse and scapegoat for every single change pretty much. How is it justified that archon is designed to not work for high mp difficulties ? Oxymoron, don't you find? And lastly, the reason i m going on about archon being made viable for high mps is not just for the sake of build diversity but because players have to buy/design their gear depending on what build they want to focus on, and blizzard DO know that, so they can't look away and do nothing about it.

    That's it.
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