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    With the patch notes up there is nothing to indicate the armor and resistance bonuses inherent to archon form have recieved the same nerfs that energy armor and comparable skills (for reference, even the enchantress' powered armor buff got hit by the nerf bat). Combined with the changes to monster damage in inferno and the ability to scale up monster damage and hp numbers for increased magic find does this make Archon the dominant build for inferno wizards of all gear levels?
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    well, archon build will be awesome. there is no doubt about it. i will try and change from energy armor till storm armor in 1.05. however the changes open up for new builds. ray of frost has been buffed, so a cold kiting build or lazor build (with the disintegrate and ray of frost) will be more attractive. using a lot of arcane regen spells and only ray of frost and disintegrate without a signature spell is working. have tried a build with that before and it is fun. meteor builds will appear more often i assume.

    edit: kiting builds will work best for lower gear, with meteor and frost hydra (my fav) or blizzard and ray of frost (in 1.05). archon build will work, but guessing the low gear will make other builds better than archon builds.

    1.05 will be an awesome patch for wizards. we will be able to farm fast as hell in this patch.
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    And the expected nerf to storm chaser now makes this largely a moot point as archon is now the only viable non-kiting build.
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    Quote from DisposableHeero

    And the expected nerf to storm chaser now makes this largely a moot point as archon is now the only viable non-kiting build.

    CM melee builds are still perfectly viable, and have been for a while. They might not be as optimal as they were with the OP WW and SC runes, but they still work, and many have been using those builds without Energy Twister anyway, either because they knew a nerf was coming and didn't want to have to learn how to use different skills, or because they simply prefer alternative builds.

    Archon is arguably the best spec with high end gear though.
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