[Gearing] Any feedbacks/suggestions appreciated

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    Hello wizards,

    I am a glasscannon crit/critdmg wizard that is trying to improve my dps while maintaining a decent level of survivability. (trying to make farming act3 as fast/smooth as possible atm)

    Here is my profile with my specs :


    I have recently came across a tal-rasha chest piece which is able to increase my dps by around 10k but I also lose tons of survival stats.

    1. Is the tal rasha pieces worth keeping compare to the chest piece I have atm ?

    Rare chest armor stats :
    793 armor
    78 intelligence
    46 vitality
    59 physical resistance
    69 all resistance
    355 armor
    548 life regen

    tal rasha stats :
    669 armor
    180 int
    30 vit
    29 all resist
    9 attack speed
    232 armor
    3 sockets

    2. Which direction should I go ?

    Wearing tal-rasha's + triumvirate + physical weapon means my dps is going to skyrocket but at the cost of crap tons of survivability. If i instead go for chantodo's, I might still be able to upgrade my dps significantly while maintaining good survivability.

    3. Any better way to gear up base on my currect spec?

    I appreciate any feedbacks/suggestions/criticism

    Thank you =)
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