Can we confirm Arcane Orb hot fix?

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    It's more a case of it used to, and now doesn't. The orb would explode and you would see 'snared' come up, and that was pretty much every orb.

    Did you happen to use Temporal Flux?

    "Snared" would never come up when you had the high crit stun. You had Temporal Flux doing that.

    Yeah sorry my bad, snared only appears when you have Temporal as a passive.

    That being said, using temporal or not has no effect on the stun, or lack there of
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    Couple of things to test to see where the problem is:

    1.) Use Arcane Orb with some big damage modifiers like a monk with Overawe (24/48% damage) and/or Time Warp (20% damage) to see if you can get a hit recovery animation.

    2.) Do other wizard spells still cause the recovery animation? Meteor would be a good test.

    3.) Are other classes still getting the recovery animation from big hits or is this a wizard only issue? If they are then how hard are the hits to cause the recovery animation.

    The more detailed you can make your bug report the better.
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    Hmm, I always thought the "stun" is the proc of Force Weapon's 5% knockback.
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