[Guide] Mid Budget Wizard Act 1 Farming with routes

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    I got tired of uber gear builds which cost insane sums of gold (or money) and did the hard way. This is not cookie cutter build, but is meant to be fun and cheap to acquire. Makes farming act 1 inferno easier and helps you gear up. This is SOLO FARMING build because I got tired of public games, runs for Skeleton King and guys who won't clean elites to get to 5 stack NV:


    Standard wizard gear with which you finished hell (decent amount of INT and VIT) and 750 dmg 2h weapon, INT, socket, IAS - shouldn't be problem to acquire for low price. Get the emerald in (perfect square) and you're ready to go.

    If you have low resistances then you shold farm act 3 hell for some better gear and gather some gold. I've read about excellent route for farming and goes something like this:

    Start at quest Heart of Sin - Second heart. Go to Keep Depths lvl 3, clean it (2 elite), go to Keep Depths lvl 2 and kill first elite you see then TP. Go to Keep Depths lvl 1, enter lvl 2 and kill first elite, TP and go back to Keep LVL 1 and find first elite, kill and then go to town. You shold have 5 stacks NV by now. WP to Rakkis crossing and head up north to Underbirdge (does not spwn all the time), clean it, go back to Rakkis crossing by WP and TP, then go south to Bridge Stores where you can find elite or merchant. Then use WP to get to Arreat crater LVL 1, kill first elite, go to Tower of Damned LVL 1 kill first elite, Arreat crater LVL 2 first elite, then Tower of Cursed LVL 1 and kepp pushing until you kill Azmodan. This run takes about 35 minutes, gets you loads of rares and about 100K gold (more if you have the gear, which I had not).


    For my first Inferno pass I used public games so that I can get as far as I could. Killed the Butcher solo and stopped there because my gear couldn't keep up (used kiting to do that solo). My stats are not impressive and you should have no problem getting there (these are also my current stats).

    INT: 1092
    VIT: 940
    Armor: 2556
    RES: 327 (all) boosted to near 500 with Energy Armour - Prismatic armour
    35k HP
    18k DMG (boosted to 22k with skills)


    All is standard and can be bought for cheap on AH or found on hell, my INT bonuses per item are no grater then 150. Same thing goes for VIT. I have 0 (yes zero) LoH and have life after kill 2500 and globe bonus of 5000 (was not intended but helps to survive). What I bought for low price (deep below 100k) were rings with sub 20 MF, some DMG bonuses and low INT. My MF is about 75%. Had no intentions to go for crit build (have 10% CTC and 85% CD). Only thing I invested in was 850 DMG wand with low INT and VIT, no CTC or CD (buyout on 1.5 mil) and source with 18% MF, 18% GF and 30-270 dmg bonus, sub 100 INT and VIT (around 500k). Try to find lvl 60 gear with 40-50 resist all on AH, should be cheap if you don't have high resistances.


    Electrocute - Surge of power
    Disintegrate - Intensify
    Energy Armor - Prismatic Armor (boost for RES all and armor)
    Hydra - Venom Hydra
    Familiar - Sparkflint (boost DMG)
    Magic Weapon - Conduit (Boost DMG)
    Glass Canon (DMG boost)
    Astral Presence
    Prodigy (faster Arcane recovery)


    No brainer - drop the Hydra, burn with Disintegrate. If you are low on arcane power use electrocute to fill up (i use this skill because it locks on and keeps firing after monster dies which is handy, you just move mouse on other target and have no need for shift, also good for killing monsters in other rooms because it jumps to other monsters after first hit). Normal monsters are killed easy, so are 50% of the elites. High res should keep you safe when burning elites, but some kiting is needed with bad affix combos. I use templar sidekick because he gets them stuck on doors and generally draws crowd. Do I die allot? Once or twice per run on horrible afix combinations.

    The route

    Go for Imprisoned angel quest start. Clean leoric manor (possible 1 elite), go to courtyard (1 elite), clean Leoric Hunting Grounds (2 elite) and go to Norther Highlands (1 elite) and find watchtower. On second lvl you will have 1-3 elites. This is nice because by the time you reach Watchtower you have 5 stacks NV. Go to festering woods and clean 2 dungeons where you get the quest orbs (2 elite + ones you find in woods while running). WP to Cathedral LVL 3 and seek elite (usually in rooms near the place you find templar on a quest or on the way deeper to dungeon, but its never to far). WP to cemetery and clean 3 crypts (2 elites per crypt). For the end you can go to Old Ruins to check for Dark Cellar for Gobbo and go to old Tristram road for Dank cellar for gold. Sell to merchant all blues sub iLVL 60 (bad rares sub iLVL 60 too) and salvage blues and bad rares iLVL 61 and above. I get few iLVL 63 and 62 items and lot of iLVL 61 and 60 items per run, 100k-150k gold and have always full inventory of rares after the run.
    For better view of the route check: http://www.diablofan...-farming-route/

    This is not the best build, but is funny and gives you something to do while waiting for good drop which you can sell for millions so you can gear up for act 2. Have fun guys (and girls if there are any).
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    In 3 days and 2 runs per day won 28M gold (1 rare, 2 set items) and lots of good stuff.
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    Quote from ExecutoR2006

    In 3 days and 2 runs per day won 28M gold (1 rare, 2 set items) and lots of good stuff.

    Thats pretty nice to be honest, but I gotta warn everyone who is just starting to farm. Its highly unlikely that you will continue to farm 28M in 3 days with just 2 runs per day. Average sum over 3 days is maybe 1 mil.

    Also whats up with all the defensive gear? Personally I always loved the glass cannon playstyle and I cleared act 1 with 7k hp and less than 200 all res. Bringing your dps up to 30k should make farming act 1 easy regardless of defensive stats since every non elite mob dies within seconds. In my MF gear (31k dps with pinpoint barrier+magic weapon+scoundrel, 21k hp and 140ish all res) I can kill 99% of all elites in act 1 ( god damn burrowing leapers with fast or inv minions)

    You might want to try this spec instead of the disintegrate/electrocute one http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#RaOlQS!WTY!bcZYZZ
    Disintegrate/electrocute spec is decent for act 1, but after moving into act 2, I quickly noticed how superior this spec is when it comes down to kiting. The runes and passives may be changed ofc to suit your personal preferences.
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    Quote from ExecutoR2006

    In 3 days and 2 runs per day won 28M gold (1 rare, 2 set items) and lots of good stuff.

    That's ridiculously lucky tho :) I have yet to see a set item from inferno of maybe a couple of hundred runs!
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    I know that this build is not one for act2. Will try one you suggested Kortap. AS the luck goes, I've upped MF to 150% with cheap items, and I get decent number of good items, and yesterday again one unique and blackthorne leggings in one run, Lady luck loves me these days.
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