Can my hydra earn me some arcane power using crit?

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    I'm trying to find ways to increase my arcane resource, one of the option is using the stat of "Ciritcal hits grants X arcane power"
    I wonder if I can drop Hydra of the floor and each time the Hydra will crit (hopefully it share my crit chance), I will gain the X arcane power for me.
    I've read conflicting feedback if Hydra can crit at all, but could not find any refer whatever the "Ciritcal hits grants X arcane power " works on Hydra crits.
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    It can't proc LOH, which is probably the reason it can't proc ap on crit, or critical mass.
    It still increases dmg based on crit because the char screen dps is higher, or at least that's how i think it should be.
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