Melee Wizard Inferno [Diablo 3 / Brief Guide]

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    Quote from smorbage

    Quote from Maxyim

    This is wrong. Stat priority for melee wiz is as follows:

    Maxyim, I'm curious as to exactly which build you are using with this setup?

    Decided to turn that rather long post into a complete thread, look here:
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    Just chiming in here to thank the Melee Wizard community. You guys saved this game for me. A few weeks ago I was progressing through A3 Inf using the standard hydra/kite build and was hating it. I don't have much time to play so I wasn't about to reroll a new char and slog my way through 4 acts 3 times again, I was thinking of just giving up.

    Decided to try out the melee wizard build, spent about 300k on a weapon, shield, rings and amulet and was loving it! Now I can pretty much do A2 inf (about 90-95% of packs), but i'm pretty sure A3 will destroy me.

    Anyway, thanks to all the pioneers and ppl putting up guides, it's much appreciated. Right now I run with ET/WW and I do use teleport because like others have said, if I get frozen or jailed with desecrate/plaque/arcane i'm done for.

    Also, could someone clarify why you'd run with both Meteor + EB or WW + EB? If I have the cooldown available and AP, can't I just cast another WW or Meteor instead of EB? I realize EB is efficient in terms of damage/AP but that slot could be used for a more defensive move such as teleport.

    Thanks! I hope this build is viable in A4 inferno!
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