Gear advise for act 3 farming

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    This is my current gear any ideas what to get to help me be able to farm act 3. I have 1.3 million to spend. I'm not objected to spending up to 20 bucks or so on the RMAH to get it so I can farm act 3 without getting crushed.
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    Your total intelligence is good for Act 3, but you need to specialize in a secondary offensive stat, like crit or attack speed. I don't know what build you're using, but if you're going to stick with a 2h weapon I would find another 2h with crit damage or an empty socket for an emerald, and then get new rings/amulet/gloves/bracers/helm to maximize crit chance and crit damage. If you can do that while keeping roughly the same amount of intelligence (1600~1800) then you should be just fine in Act 3.
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