Video Guide of Inferno Farming Elites + Siegebreaker 27k dps

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    Diablo 3 Inferno Farming Act 3 elites n Siegebreaker

    Do this run for potential drops of good 1handers

    27k Dps (33k with Magic Weapon)
    34k Hp

    1. Go to Rakki's Crossing and grab Tyrael
    2. Clear path to Siege Breaker
    3. Check for possible Underbridge elites and Resplendent
    4. Go out of town on Northeast exit to Arreat Gate/Battlefields
    5. Check Southeast corner, centre, and Northwest for dungeon spawns for elites and possible resplendent
    6. If no 5 valor, check The Keeps lvl 1, if none, check lvl 2
    7. When 5 valor, kill Siegebreaker

    For extra MF in non-combat chests/racks, use Wirt's original leg for extra ~10% mf.
    You can find it if you search on auction house with 1 handed weapon, choose mace, and filter dps from lowest to highest,
    you should find them on second page or third page
    If ballin, pick up The Three Hundredth Spear or Sun Keeper for 20+ mf.

    Vs Mortar Minions: Run 90 degrees to attack, to dodge, hit and run 90 degrees, repeat
    Vs Fireballing Chasers: Run in serpentine/zigzag formation
    Vs Invulnerable/Shielding Minions: Portal lame
    Vs Too hard monsters: Skip or Portal lame or Ballista chokepoint
    Vs Herald of Pestilance or Quills: Shoot from off screen or Missile Seeker behind doorway
    Vs Reflect Damage: Items with +300 hp per hit will help a lot, if not, use crystal armor when pumping out dps
    Not enough valors or too many skipped monsters, check The Keeps level 1 waypoint, use portal to level 2
    For everything else: portaling

    For the difference in Dps because of my gloves:


    Magic Missile - Seeker
    Arcane Orb - Celestial Orb
    Teleport - Fracture
    Diamond Skin - Crystal Shell
    Energy Armor - Force Armor
    Magic Weapon - Venom

    Evocation, Illusionist, Temporal Flux
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