Can I kill inferno diablo with these stats?

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    Just got to prime evil quest in act 4 inferno. I have not attempted diablo yet, but I'd like your opinion on whether or not it is feasible with my current stats. Thank you ahead of time.

    31k hp
    ~200 resist
    41k dps
    12% movement speed
    ~1.4 attacks/sec

    My biggest concern is my attack speed and hp I think. I'm currently using a 1.00 AS 2-hander, but think I may have to get a 1-hand/source. I have about 2 mil to spend, so tell me where you would put it. Thanks!
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    Diablo is all about dps so you shouldn't care about hp. Just improve your attack speed and pray for luck with avoiding his attacks. I think 1h+source is the best you can get. 2h seem too slow.
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    I did it with
    37k HP
    48.9k DPS
    150-200 resists
    25% movement speed
    2.76 atk.speed

    If u want to kill diablo, u need more movement speed, max out to 25% and ur good to go, u might get a little bit more of atk. speed, but considering that it's gonna get nerfed on 1.03 patch, its kinnda a waste of money and it's possible to do without it, it would just take more time, unless ur going for critical chance and increased critical damage, but in that case ur dps should be around 80-90k with atk. speed of 1.4

    But all in all, u might pull it of even with the stats u have, just get +13% more movement speed. It will just take u longer to do it.. I tried getting 60k hp and 600 resists, didnt really help.. If u mess up, ur most likely done. And after some practice u don't get hit at all, so it doesnt really matter even if u have only 10k hp.
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    I'm going to disagree with the above posts and recommend focusing on defense for Diablo. If you can get enough defensive stats so that you don't get 1 hit by his attacks, it makes the fight much easier in my opinion. Unless there's an enrage timer I didn't see, he is not a dps race, he's a survival fight. Even the shadow realm part isn't a dps race, you just kite the clone and should kill it before Diablo pops back in, then kite Diablo.

    I literally just killed him minutes ago and I only had 35.7k dps buffed with Magic Weapon and no glass cannon, with only +12% movement speed. I had 3290 armor, 416 phys resist, 440 fire resist and just over 33k hp. With those stats a hit from melee or fire would only hit me for about half my life, though I did have the Blur passive for extra melee resist. This means no getting 1 shot in shadow realm with an unlucky teleport (or the other two phases for that matter). It leaves you a large margin of error and makes the fight much more bearable than trying to kill him when getting hit by anything is almost a guaranteed 1 hit kill. Attacks per second meant nothing for my fight aside from being able to get an extra MM-seeker in from time to time, but if there's no enrage, that just makes the fight shorter and I'm sure my hydra did most of the work.

    A really random stat to try and get for the fight is +Life on kill. I know it sounds stupid but currently the hydra procs it when it goes away, and it procs it for each head, as far as I can tell. What this means is you can use your hydra as a self heal spell for 3x your +Life on kill stat by simply recasting it. I had a necklace with +1900 on it and I was getting 6k heals (after including my 330 health regen). I expect it's a bug and not intended though, and I suppose with a decent amount of normal health regen you won't have to worry about it, but I found it imensly helpful, especially in the shadow part where there's no healing outside of Life on Hit, health regen, and the small globe the clones drop.

    EDIT: For reference, my EHP was around 200k for Diablo.
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    You can do the entire fight and never get hit once... However, having around 42-45k hp will allow you to survive virtually everything(minus clone attacks).

    If you can kill Belial, you can kill Diablo. There's no enrage. You just need to not screw up your kiting/dodging for the entire time.
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    Just came back to report the changes I made to kill inferno diablo the other day. I increased my hp to 45k, dps was at 40k w/ force weapon and glass cannon, 19% movement speed, 1.17 attacks/sec, 250 physical resist and 175 others. I spent the 2 mil I had on a slow 2 hand staff with vitality, a helm with socket for increased hp, and inna's glory pants for 7% movement. The fight took a long time and took quite a few attempts. I believe I could've completed it with my previous stats, but probably would've taken quite a few more attempts. Thanks everyone for your input.
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    Quote from Kaelleria
    If you can kill Belial, you can kill Diablo.

    Interesting... I find Belial to be a ton easier than Diablo... Maybe partly because it's on one tiny screen, and Diablo is constantly charging me from far off to hit me...

    Belial though, I can avoid the smash attacks, the 'bubble bath' attack (lil bubbles of green poo popping up all over), and the breath hits me all the time, but never does much...

    Diablo, I can avoid the cage attack, the fire lob attack (when I'm far enough away), the fire spread attack (when far enough), the phase 3 'lightning', but again, the charges, and some of the above stack up...

    Course, as mentioned elsewhere in this thread, bonus movement speed helps, so maybe that's where I'm lacking on D... I have none...

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