Inferno Act 1 Goldfarming visuals + Tips on getting Gold Find gear

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    Hey guys, I made a visual guide for Goldfarming and getting Gold farming gear.

    Great for if you don't have much time to farm or if you just entered Inferno, can't kill elites and need money for new gear.

    Average of 4.5k every minute, may range from 2k-7k. Comes out to 270k/hour with two people, 225k/hour solo.

    ***One update to this is the use of Ice Armor - Frozen Storm.***

    Breaking Jars at The Royal Crypts, you and a friend take a side each break jars and pick up the gold on your partner's side. Right side will take a bit longer to do.

    Tips on How to buy Gold Find gear at 2:32
    You can buy most pieces for for 3k and under.


    Electrocute - Forked Lightning
    Arcane Orb - Celestial Orb
    Frost Nova - Cold Snap
    Teleport - Wormhole
    Ice Armor - Frozen Storm
    Diamond Skin - Crystal Shell

    I'm not sure about whether all skills are relevant in the below builds, I just wrote down quickly what skills my buddies had.

    Demon Hunter

    Hungering Arrow - Cider Arrow
    Elemental Arrow - Ball Lightning
    Caltrops - Torturous Ground
    Smoke Screen - Breathe Deep
    Vault - Tumble
    Rain of Vengeance - Dark Cloud


    Cleave - Reaping Swing
    Revenge - Provocation
    Ground Stomp - Wrenching Smash
    Whirlwind - Hurricane
    Leap - Call of Arreat
    War Cry - Charge!
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