Good builds in group play (Hell/Inferno)

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    Hello everyone! I'm struggling a bit with my wizard (I only play with my friends with it (DH/Barb)), and I was wondering if there were some tips you could get about spells and such for Wizards at higher difficulties in co-op?
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    There are so many answers to this question. It really depends on your playstyle. The simple answer might be that the more damage the better considering you have a tanking type of class with you usually. Now if your barb friend is not a shield wearing barb then perhaps more CC is in order. Once you get into Inferno, you will want some survival skills at first, like FA (Force Armor) to prevent the inevitable one shot from most mobs past midway through ACT1. But other than that it is up to what you like to use.
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    I just beat A1 inferno with a team by using a crit/arcane orb build. AP on crit items, forked lighting (aka instant full AP), arcane orb (tap the source), blizzard (snowbound), arcane hydra, force weapon, prismatic armor. I've got about 35% crit and I think 17 AP on crit, so I basically lay down a hydra, blizzard and then pretty much infinitely spam arcane orb (20 ap cost + constant AP on crit). Sprinkle in some forked lightnings if you get unlucky and run out of AP.

    But like the last guy said... really whatever floats your boat!
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