ATTN! Inferno Wizards w/- 300 Latency

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    Any oceanic player would realize by now that playing inferno puts us at a serious disadvantage due to our higher latencies. I run anywhere between 200-300ms and that's more than enough to make avoiding certain arrows and spells a near impossibility, making any glass-cannon type builds extremely difficult to pull off.

    I was wondering if there are any wizards out there with latency sitting around these levels tackling inferno content, and what builds they're using?
    I've been looking up videos of wizards for a while but they're all American/Euro using strats/builds that a .3second delay make impossible.

    I've gotten to Belial using an illusionist build. Essentially, teleport w/fracture and mirror image w/duplicates, using my clones as a shield whilst I kite elite packs around. This works, albeit somewhat painfully at times, on most elites, but bosses prove to be a different story.
    The adds in phase 1 and 2 of belial are difficult but beatable, but phase 3 I've found avoiding his aoe strikes/poison breath really hard. I think the furthest I've gone is about 20 seconds.
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    I am playing from brisbane, Australia and am currently just past the siegebreaker in act 3 playing solo. Act 3 rare and elite packs are still a bit hit and miss for me but I can comfortably farm act 2 packs.

    I play solo and use the enchantress as my follower.

    Currently use this spec since act 1 inferno:!aYT!bYYbaZ

    I have about 40k health, 33k damage and 450 to all resists.

    Edit: as for Belial, with my hp and resists and force armor, I can survive a melee hit, a breath and one explosion thing in the aoe dodging phase, sometimes 2 with crystal shell thing.

    For the last phase I basicly just focus on dodging while the hydra kills him.
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    I run at 300 latency and pretty much use the same build as you. I learnt that subbing out Glass Cannon in that Belial fight specifically for Blur helps in Phase 3 a lot. As long as you have enough armor/res/hp + that passive to take a hit or two from his melee you'll be fine. Health globes drop like mad in that fight and then you just gotta avoid the double slam potentially and the explosions everywhere.
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