Help me with a double build! WD and Wiz group

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    Hey guys,

    I've been reading some of the fantastic builds you all have been putting up and I thought I should probe your minds for a two character build!

    My friend and I have played most of the game (up to act III Hell) together as a WD and Wiz - since late nightmare we have opted to kite most champ packs with a fair success rate (some unfortunate affixes naturally destroy us time and again). As far as our builds go though we seem to play as two solo chars often - usually splitting up the packs and taking half of the champs each.

    Long story short - I was wondering if any of you have ideas/past experience for two complementing builds that will work well off each other? I.e we messed around for a little while with WD using reduce damage debuffs and wiz with some increase damage (time-slow rune and frost nova rune for about +35% for a very short while) but never found anything that stuck.

    Naturally I rolled wiz of course...
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    Quote from Tranq »

    I see what i can do for you guys. (I have not tried the WD so that one might need a bit of work, however I will do my best. )

    Wizard Spec:!YXg!bbbYZc
    Witch Docter:!hbW!aacYab

    My thoughts choosing these specs:
    Wizard will be the damage dealer, and the Witch Docter the buff and Crowd Control.

    I do not know anything about the Witch Docter so I gave it my best shot.

    Thanks for the suggestions - it is hard to know what will translate well from theory until it has been tried, I like your use of WD though - just highlighted to me how focused he's been on dps as opposed to some good cc options. Just one thing about the wiz build though - Why critical mass? It seems a bit of a waste to use up a whole passive for one skill (archon)?
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