Teleport buggy?

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    I've been using Teleport alot (with Wormhole rune). After I die, I use the Wormhole Teleport to jump ahead a few times.

    But sometimes when I teleported like 3-4 times, I run a bit ahead and as soon as my Teleport is off cooldown, I get back to the place I was before I used Teleport, placing me a good distance back and putting my Teleport on cooldown.

    Really annoying sometimes, often occurs in the middle of combat.

    Anyone else having this issue?

    (Not sure if I made it clear, when I read it back it sounds a bit confusing.. lol)
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    It seems like the 1 second window is enabled after you use the first time teleport. So in this 1 sec you can teleport as much as you want... but your latency dont like you so its in fight higher and the delay forbids many teleports.
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    Yeah, sounds more of an issue with lag not giving you enough Teleports than a bug.
    And may the odds be ever in your favour.
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