lvl 32 Nightmare build and stats

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    Lots of info on builds at lvl 52 and above. But i'm having trouble finding information for a lvl 32.

    I finished normal with 4 friends. all of us lvl 30. During the last level i felt really underpowered. Watching a mob lifebar go down very slowly from my disintegrate and then watching it die in just two hits from my barbarian friend. Afterwards i enquired as to the 'damage' stat on his character panel. He said his was 750. My other friends were 500 and 600. I was at 250.

    Some money spent on the AH and some skills rejigged. i'm now at 1000 damage. But hitting that number requires me using 3 different +damage skills as seen below(familiar, magic weapon, glass cannon).

    So what is a good skill loadout for a lvl 32 wizard doing Nightmare? Here's what i was thinking.!bXY!aZaaaa

    Attack 1 : Electrocute -> Chain Lightning (hit 6 mobs)
    Attack 2 : Disintegrate -> Chaos Nexus (hits mobs near you too)

    Defense 1 : Diamond Skin -> Crystal Shell (absorbs more damage)
    Defense 2 : Blizzard or maybe Wave of Force -> Impactful Wave (adds stun)

    Buff 1: Familiar -> Sparkflint (all attacks do +12% damage)
    Buff 2: Magic Weapon (weapon +10% damage)

    Passive 1: Glass Cannon ( +15% damage)
    Passive 2: Astral Presense (more AP and AP regen)
    Passive 3: Evocation (cooldowns 15% faster)
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