Glass Cannon - pure DPS build having a tank

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    I want to start this topic as general discussion about builds for wizard but the one running with tank ( ofc on inferno).
    After FA nerf, I said to myself "f*ck it, im still prefer gear with +dmg rahter than + lower dmg and +vit" cause i just like glass cannon wizard idee.
    Some defensive skills are a must ofc ( you dont wanna be one shot by enchanted lightning ) but in general its for max dmg.

    Here is more defensive build:!YWX!bbabZc

    And here even more offensive version:!WXY!ZbZaba

    Im still struglin with rune in Ray of Frost(RoF) and Energy Armor so there is difrent in every build but im gonna go test them now and then see and also I will read the feedback from you guys.

    Thanks for any thoughts and please post you pure dmg builds if you want not necesary on frost dmg.


    PS. Oh and btw do you guys prefer familar with mana regen or +12% dmg for the RoF with Snow Blast?
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