Unclear tooltips for some spells

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    First of all I want to make sure whether there is an option in game that adds numbers and percentages to in-game spell tooltips. If there isnt, the following:

    I noticed some of the tooltips in game arent really clear. I think they should add percentages and variables to the ingame tooltip like they do on the Skill Calculator.

    I was looking at Diamond Skin the other day.
    "Transform your skin to diamond, absorbing all damage from incoming attacks"
    Followed by the rune "Increases the maximum amount of damage absorbed"

    So basically according to the ingame tooltip, Diamond Skin + Crystal Shell absorbs more than all damage? That is one of the reasons I think they should add the numbers and variables.
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    Turn on enhanced tooltips and you get the details you are looking for in game.
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    I want your babies. Thanks for that. All that rant of me about nothing LOL.
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    You can hold the ctrl key aswell and press the skill, that shows all the info about it.
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    but i have to say that some tooltips are still not very clear.
    there are a lot of tooltips for runed skills that do not make it clear if the effect is added or just replaces the original effect.
    rabid dogs for example says that the dogs make 9%poison damge over time but its not clear if this replaces the 9% normal damage from zombie dogs or if its an added effect.
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    Quote from Fomorian

    I want your babies. Thanks for that. All that rant of me about nothing LOL.

    No problem. The biggest thing about these blizzard games is finding out where are the options are. And to the poster above me I expect some tool tips to be clarified by blizzard as they normally do after release (they do it with wow and they did it with SC2 for some unit abilities). And for rabid dogs its on top of. Most abilities are on top of the original but I agree they could be more clear.

    Its like the only reason I think familiar is better then magic weapon because 12%+familiar should be more then 15% damage.

    Also don't forget elective mode. Its one of those things that I wish was better explained in game for new players because unless they hit a fan site most art going to start flipping options and the hover text over elective mode is ... well ... craptastic to be mild.
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