Wizard build feed back please

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    This is my solo-play wizard build and I was hoping for some feedback and suggestions

    Electrocute: Main attack / trash mobs / AP regain
    Ray of Frost: Boss / elite killer
    Wave of Force: When it hits the fan....
    Energy Twister: Trash packs / bosses (very uncertain about this one but 468% sounds so nice)
    Magic weapon: Self-buff for more dmg (should perhaps be replaced with some cc or survival)
    Slow time: Control, and dmg boost - to be combined with WoF, Electrocute or ET

    Prodigy for more AP gain with Electrocute
    Glass Cannon for dmg boost
    Arcane dynamo for dmg buff while building AP


    This build might be too low on defence or cc, I imagine something needs to be swapped as I enter Nightmare. Teleport or Energy Armor are perhaps better choices?

    Thank you all in advance :)
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    Wave of force isn't for dps, its for CC. I wouldn't choose forceful wave.

    Energy twister is just terrible....it flies off randomly and only hits mobs a couple times if you are lucky.
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    If you have a cooldown build with critical mass I am ok with Wave of Force being dps but I think exploding wave is much much better, you keep the knockback, and get more chances to crit and reduce cooldowns.

    I would also second energy twist being terrible.

    http://us.battle.net...Sg!XYg!acccZZ is sort of like yours, using electrocute as your free, wave of force for damage but also for defense, magic wep, slowtime... Could use archon instead of teleport depending on what your looking for, and arcane dynamo instead of astral presence if you aren't empty very much. Also not sure what the best Magic Weapon is.
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    I wouldn't take the forceful wave rune, for me its a Melee Wizard rune. Your build would miss too much "Get off me !" spells if you take that rune whereas if you take another rune for the wave (or nova) it would make more sense.

    Energy Twister you will see how it goes but so far its a spell most people dislike because it moves randomly. Maybe there is a rune to make it better... The damage is attractive but it sometimes just miss everuthing :( If you are disatisfied by this spell pick another AoE like meteor or blizzard.
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