The Illusionist

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    After hours of attempting to force what I believe a wizard really is, I've given up.

    I wanted the wizard to feel like the Sorceress. I knew D3 is not D2, and I certainly understood the conceptual differences between the Sorc and the Wiz. This however, did not deter me from trying to make the Wiz "feel" like the Sorc did.

    Instead, I've created something that feels unique to the Wiz:!hXd!acabZY

    I like the paper-look of this build. It has a ton of escapability (Fracture, Duplicates, UA, Illusionist) and feel likes it will be a powerful enough to damage through inferno packs.

    Any thoughts? I do understand that Energy Armor rune should change to Prismatic Armor when applicable.

    P.S. Storm Chaser rune from Energy Twister: Casting Energy Twister grants you a Wind Charge. You can store up to 3 Wind Charges at a time. Casting a Signature spell releases all Wind Charges as a giant Energy Twister that deals 75% weapon damage as Arcane per Wind Charge.
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