pve group low survivability high dmg output (group) build

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    was playing around with this setup theres like no survivability at all lol just setup for dmg via all the dmg bonus effects and focused on a charged up disintegrate was thinking about throwing meteor in there as well but idk how the arcane power regen will be spamming say meteor on a boss or whatever vs spamming a charged up disintegrate on a boss or mobs would behttp://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#geiSPm!ZYT!bZaZZZ and with the combined help of a tanky/heals companion http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/follower#1100!0010!0011 idk how itl work out as i havint had the chance to play just looked amusing haha
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    its awsome agressive build , if i start to play i use something like that whit little changes..
    what do u think about teleport fracture , isnt that be useful 2 mirror images when u teleported , i hope to use it as an escape plan so i guess i need mirror images..
    and how about archons arcane destruction gives %520 weapon damage , 15 yard , i think i got familiar sparkflint so some high damage will be more useful..

    i m not sure what will happen after rune system closed
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