[Witch Doctor] "The Start" Guide AKA when I hit lvl 70 what should I do

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    Hello everybody and welcome in the thread that focused on your very 1st step once you obtain high lvl and gives you very good opinion on what should you do and what items you want to get and most importnantly how to reenchant your gear to be able to go Torment 1 right away !!

    this guide is still in Progress so there might be some paragraphs missing ;)

    The Build

    We start with the most importnant phase. And its the decision to choose good build. Build that helps me to achieve my goals. There are obviously few very good build and very fun builds. But currently there is only 1 perfect starting build that makes your way much smoother then the others (yep its the pet build).


    The build is made to be the most simple one to play and the most efficient for your fast gearing up .( once youre geared up you can go whatever you want if you want to or stick with this and solo t6) Your only damage ability that you cast is "Rain of Toads" It has the biggest coeficient to spawn a little fetishes from the passive "Fetish Sycophants" Which is your primary dps source.

    There are some utilities aswell to make your fight with rares more smooth "The Gargantuan" with 60sec cd and 575%fire dmg melee swings (he melts down rares realy fast). And our beloved "The big bad voodoo" which gives us bonus dmg and bonus attack speed and in very desperate situation it can help us to refill our fetish army.

    Among other usefull abilities we can count "Spirit walk" which works as our Escape Artist or "you can stay in shit, button". "Soul Harvest" That buffs our dps and do decent amount of dmg to white trash. And "Piranhas" that boost our dmg and give us atleast some kind of crowd control.

    For passives we choose to have "Gruesome Feast" dps buff, "Grave Injustice" CD reduction, "Fetish Sycopants" as I stated above" and "Pierce the Veil" fulltime dps buff

    If you want to see how the build performs with bad items on torment 3 you can check out youtube video: Episode 2

    The Stat Values

    Once you level up your character you will start with very bad yellow gear. But as you can see in my youtube video:Episode 1. Its not that bad either. To be able to go Torment 1 right away you just have to make some adjustments for your gear to make it optimal enought to boost your damage and to boost your toughness.

    Stats that we are looking for:(standarts are lined up by priority)

    Helms: Intelingence > Crit chance > Vitality > Socket || Shoulders: Intelligence > Vitality > Life % > Armor > CDr || Gloves:Intelligence > Crit chance> Crit damage > Attack speed> Vitality || Amulet: Crit damage> Crit chance > phys damage > Inteligence > attack speed || Rings:Inteligence > Crit chance > Crit damage > Avarage dmg > Attack speed > Vitality || Boots:Inteligence > Vitality> Movement speed > Armor || Chest Armor: Intelligence > 3 sockets> Vitality > Armor || Pants:Intelligence > 2 sockets > Vitality > Armor || Bracers:Phys dmg > Inteligence > crit chance > vitality || Weapon: Socket || Mojo:Intelligence > Crit chance > Vitality > Area dmg

    Ok above you have the Priority of rerolling stats but there are still some rules you should follow
    1. Always aim for crit chance / crit damage ration 10:100 that should change your priority on some items

    2.Vitality gives you very good amount of Toughness so unless you have atleast 3 milion toughness you should change priorities on some items

    3.Stat not included in our priority List are prety much worthless for us. But if you get anywhere + all resist its not that big deal but armor is still better though

    Paragon Levels

    Unless you are paragon 100 you can ignore this part !!!

    Core:In the core section our 1st priority is to fill up movement speed to run always at 25% movement speed !!! the rest point go to inteligence (unless you play hc .. then you can switch to more toughness
    Offence: In this section we spend our point in Crit damage > Crit chance > attack speed
    Defence:Split 50/50 Armor and %Life > health regen > all ress
    Utility:Area dmg>Loh > the rest

    Essential Items for the build

    Almost the most importnant part of the guide :) There are obviously some times that we are looking for which works with this build better then any other legendaries. In the end we will have most of them but now we realy start with the basic core of the items that helps you progress faster. This list works aswell as Kadala gambling guide. So unless you dont have item n1 dont go for item n2

    1. Mask of Jeram (http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/item/mask-of-jeram-3OrCkW) : Our most desired Item That passively Increase our damage of pets by 75% +. This Item is the game changer and it will instantly allow you to go up to the next torment level

    2. Thing of the deep (http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/item/thing-of-the-deep): Very oldschool mojo that shine among the others just because it gives you +20 Pickup raidus which works with our 2 passives (gruesome feast and grave injustice) And also provides your with lot of selfhealing because picking globes with this Pickup radius is amazing

    3.Tasker and Theo (http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/item/tasker-and-theo) Gloves with high potential of 3fecta with +40-50% attack speed of pets. Its not as powerful as Mask of Jeram but it is still very good Upgrade (if you want substitute Magefists are fine too)

    4. Stone of Jordan (http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/item/stone-of-jordan) Ring that is unique because it gives your +20-30 dmg agains elites and also gives you +upto 20% phys damage. Personaly I would move him to 3rd position but cadala cost is too hight and chance to small to get it .

    Those 4 Items above are the items you are looking for the rest of the gear Depends on you but Ill update the list more in the future to give you more Items to hunt. The list works aswell as the Kadala gambling guide

    To be continued

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    Video Guides related to this topic

    Episode 1 :(patch 2.0.1 T1 with only yellows Ive found)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JAS9NOp5oVs

    Episode 2(patch 2.0.5 - Mask of Jeram T3 with crap gear)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ag1H4WZevMk

    Bonus material:

    Farming T5 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GdSj5euyoWo

    Farming T6: comming soon
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    place holder 2
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    Great guide. If your new to the Witch Doctor class or new to Diablo 3. This guide should help you out a lot. May I suggest Tribal Rites over gruesome feast for solo play? Your BBV and Gargantuan will be up more often. However, I will say for group play gruesome feast is way more beneficial.
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    Tirbal rites is good replacement of gruesome. I am personaly more fun of gruesome especialy when you get the thing of the deep
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    your right it really would depend on what off hand you favor
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    good work mon, but why area damage for a pet build? I was under the impression that pets did not benefit from the stat, if I'm misinformed please correct me.
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    First, congratulations on the guide.
    Was playing a monk but was not enjoying it and I'm starting with a wizard.
    You mention in the guide which is a biuld for beginners, you want to extend and also put a biuld for Intermediate and Advanced?
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    You didnt mention the +spell damage% stat in your stat discussion at all.
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    This guide is perfect, just everything, the layout the lot. Was just what I was looking for, hope other classes take your format. Love it. Thank you so much.
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    i would recomend to add the ring: tall man's finger to the suggested items to gamble for and of course change a bit of the skills/passives following getting the ring
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    Thanks for this build. Im getting more and more back into D3 and am exploring other classes besides the Crusader which I currently have geared the best. You havent mentioned a follower at all. Personal preference?
    Diablo Walks the Earth.
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    well the patch is up and Im back ! I will focus more on hardcore this time but there will be some guide about rifts and about hardcore playstyle in general.
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    13min to season - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHOzM1R_K0A anyway some lvl 30 rift gameplay nothing amazing
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    Currently running 520k damage and 4.8m toughness with Queztacoatl, Manajuma Dagger/Mojo set (250 Int - 30 MpK - Poison Aura), and Stone of Jordan. Should I keep gambling for Jarem or go for Thing of the Deep? (or Tasker?) Thanks for this and other guides. Been lots of help.
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