[Witch Doctor] 2.0.5 pet build T5+T6 solo/party very effective

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    Hello everybody this is Projax and this is my brand new build. There are 2 variants of the build but right now im using this one for higher torments.

    the build: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/witch-doctor#WTldUQ!YWTV!bbbcab

    If you want to run this build for T3 and above you should get your Mask of Jeram (incrase pet dmg) asap . Other parts of your set realy does not matter . The only item that is required for this build is mask of Jeram. There are obviously other items that synergies with this build but that is included in my video (the link is posted below)

    The build is focused on summoning fetishes from your plague of toad ability and thats propably the only thing your character will be doing. When you enocunter rare just pop down totem and gargantuan and the rare will just vanish , same as rift boss.

    For this build you realy want to stack +physical dmg and +elite dmg. So 2parts of blackthorn realy helps alot. You no longer need zunimasa so you can focus more on your dmg and toughness and can choose your pieces carefuly.

    To see how the build performs in T5 solo rift there is a link to a video. Right now the only item that is between me and solo t6 with an ease is 2nd Unity ring since the dmg that I take on t6 is realy hard to be able to farm it effectively . I might try to do it with dogs and more tanky items but then my dmg will be crippled

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    One thing that gets this spec even better is if you have http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/rhenho-flayer combined with Addling Toads, makes higher Torment levels more easy. Ofc i doubt this weapon is game braking but atleast adds something while you spam same skill over and over.
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    Im not sure its better then +20% phys dmg from doombringer
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    If you can get Uhkapian serpent mojo change Soul Harvest for Zombie dogs-Leeching beast. That skill is just amazing. Adds really huge surv boost for what is needed on higher torments.
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    On raw damage Rhen'ho Flayer and Addling Toads might be lower, but it does add survival because of confusion. The toads would also explode twice per cast, another patch of hobbits to do the dirty work for you. ;)
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    I think that the only way how to unleash the full potential of the build is just to get the second unity ring. then ill be fine. Since I need every point of dmg ;)
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    Ive actually been running this build (well with uhkapian/leeching beasts instead of soul harvest) for a couple weeks now. my gear is no where near perfect and t6 rifts are pretty easy! boring as hell build though lol
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    First off, whassup with Soul Harvest in your build? I mean I haven't checked your video, but it stands to reason that you're not running JH with this spec. So whassup with that? If you're actually dying in T6, which I find highly unlikely because WDs are super broken and OP (I base this on absolutely nothin'), you might want to consider swapping SH with Terrify:FA, should solve your problem straight away.

    Swapping Gruesome Feast with Spirit Vessel is also a good idea for Torment 6. Let's be reasonable here, Gruesome Feast is nice for your mana regen, but it's kinda 'meh' as a stable damage increase. Most of y'all Zookeeperz can't clear T6 fast enough solo to keep it stacked properly anyways, so for solo play you're probably better off with any other passive. Also kinda pigeonholes you into using a TotD, which is acceptable I s'pose.

    Also, Aughild's is ofcourse a must have if you don't find yourself restricted by JH/Zunee's.

    Last but not least, if you're going to go MoJ, you might aswell go T&T! Aside from all that, looks like a fun build!
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    I would not say aughild is must have. but the are fIne. Soul harvest is good dps button for white packs. Im not running spirit vessel since in my opinion its passive for newbies i rather learn to play it properly.

    anyway i cleared t6 solo bounties and rift So i dont have any problems right now
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    How is SH a good damage spell on t6? It's damage is low and it's cooldown is too long . Also I never said you had a problem, I was merely trying to poke potential holes in your build, in a friendly manner ofcourse.

    Also thanks for calling me a newbie friend, much appreciate. Oh and if Spirit Vessel is for noobs, does that mean that Unity is for retards :)?
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    If your a Witch Doctor and you don't use Soul Harvest you are a NooB. Every Witch Doctor knows this. Why would any Witch Doctor want more damage this is unheard of. Spirit Vessel is useless. The Unity wins in RoS. Aughild's isn't a must have. Let me take a second to poke all potential holes in your argument in a friendly manner of course.
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    I also think soul harvest is trash, the damage contribution is super low, and there are much better options available. In addition sometimes you need to run into melee range to do much of anything with it, and unnecessary running in and out is a damage loss too.
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    When you have pets you shouldn't be in any trouble running into Melee range if you do your not doing it right. What your saying is you don't want extra intelligence. WHich would take a second or two to soul harvest and get back into attacking position? Which would translate to more all res and more damage. You don't want any of these stats? Hmmmm says a lot. You could even pair this skill with the serpent.
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    I've been running this build and I went from T2 up to T5 (could probably do T6 but T5 is slow enough as is). With that said... the build really isn't fun and it's burning me out of the game. I'm about to quit because it's not fun spamming guys with rain of toads and watching your pets just kill everything. I could go back to my zombie bear build (which is pretty fun imo) but then I'm stuck on T2 because I die too much being that close on higher torment.
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    So your about to quit a build that you have no fun playing, but you have taken the time out to take it from T2 up to T5? Why not simply play what you have fun doing to begin with?
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    Quote from PhDeath
    How is SH a good damage spell on t6? It's damage is low and it's cooldown is too long . Also I never said you had a problem, I was merely trying to poke potential holes in your build, in a friendly manner ofcourse.

    Also thanks for calling me a newbie friend, much appreciate. Oh and if Spirit Vessel is for noobs, does that mean that Unity is for retards :)?

    I'll be laughing about the last line all day XD
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    yeah just play the build you want at the torment level you want. No point in burning out. I love my build. Rhen'ho flayer is awesome!

    If not, try jade harvester? Just keep playing until you build up sets.
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    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Listen to these two guys they know what the deal is!
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    Im not offended and i would like to ask you to be calm in this topic.

    spirit vessels prevents 1 death per 90 sec. Unity reduce your dmg by 50% all the time its clever use of game mechanic and you dont have to waste 1 passive (in my opinion passive for newbies thah dies alot)

    soul harvest crits for 30mil and its cd is reduced by grave injustice so im using it quite often and that extra milions dmg on white trash and 10% int is realy usefull. Since that and gruesome boost me +500k dps

    every build that i make suits me. You can make your own changes to make it suits you. But dont be agrresive young boy.
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    No worries at all ProJax lets move on to better things like playing the game. I just got into the US server XD back to the grind
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