2.0.1 WD Fetishes Build

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    Been testing this build for a few hours and must say that it works really well (tested up to Torment II). Hardly have any mana issues and mobs go down quite easily. Champ packs also aren't much of a problem either.
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    Quote from Nacho_ijp

    Why use fire bomb and vampire bats? I'm using vampire bats on left button and zombie charger on right. That way you get a big burst of damage if needed available.

    If you use Pierce the Veil passive you cannot use Zombie Bears much at all because of the manacost, and spamming Fire Bomb will spawn the fetishes much faster instead of using zombie bears when you have mana.
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    you're right, didn't think about it before.

    Thanks ScyberDragon!!! you're awesome!!:D:D
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    I just wish there was a long range, physical, high damage dealing spell that didn't devour mana. Vampire bats are great for damage, but I just like to be as far away from the mobs as possible and Ghost Bomb doesn't do enough damage, but great range. Using a spirit type build I can do that. Sadly that means no fetishes.http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/witch-doctor#egRUYT!Wdf!Zaaccc
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    Quote from xWhackoJacko

    Is there a limit to how many fetishes you can have active at once, or stay active?
    I'm 3/4 zuni's (loot 2.0 version) and I have Visage helm that spawns fetishes every 2 elite kills.
    I'm wondering if I was to find that fourth piece of Zuni's, that makes your Fetishes last until death, along with a Fetish based build - could I essentially have 20+ fetishes ALL THE TIME?

    I mean between Fetish Army, making fetishes with Visage, making Fetishes with Sycophant passive, dense areas that can lower cd on Fetish Army (via Grave Injustice and something like Zombie Bears / Swarm / Bats)...you can pretty easily and quickly find yourself rocking SILLY amounts of fetishes (which of course, is awesome).

    If this is possible....this is basically my new goal at 70. I just gotta have those little dagger wielding dingles with me all the time.

    Wait does Zuni's String of Skulls actually keep ALL fetishes alive? Not just the ones summoned with Fetish Army? If so thats so amazingly awesome as I have that leg and now will be changing my build up
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    You shall call your build the Minions Build, and be awesome for all eternity :cheers:
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    Thanks ScyberDragon!!! you're awesome!!:D:D
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    Got the Tall Mans Finger and The Gidbinn.
    Tall Mans Finger - Dog does damage (roughly) equal to the amount of your highest possible # of dogs +1 and a tad lower then the Runes total damage/lifesteal of them. This wasn't true before the patch this week so it looks like they patched it w/o saying.
    The Gidbinn - Your attacks summon mini-fetishes that are 1/2 the size of normal fetishes and do (roughly) 1/2 the damage. The minis are effected by auras, buffs, and the Mask of Jeram. As of this post I've submitted a bug report for this item as the mini fetishes summoned by it DO NOT crit. Not sure if intended.
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    I have been using this variation for a bit now, works well for me: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/witch-doctor#chYdUT!YVW!Zcccaa

    When I'm in a group I switch out locusts for BigBadVoodoo; Slam Dance. While solo I like locust swarm to pull everything towards me so when I channel bats it can hit as many as possible.
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