[Witch Doctor] Gear and spec progression through torments - atm solo Torment IV

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    Why Blizzard nerfed so much WD's? Mana costs increased so much and at least I have mana issues,The primary (costless) skills arent so usefull cause it has so low dps.Ok i am dont want the firebats again,it was annoying to stand and press only 1 click all the time BUT now i cant spam Zombie Bears to take life steal.And i havent found any good build so far
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    Quote from palabomaras

    Why Blizzard nerfed so much WD's? Mana costs increased so much and at least I have mana issues,The primary (costless) skills arent so usefull cause it has so low dps.Ok i am dont want the firebats again,it was annoying to stand and press only 1 click all the time BUT now i cant spam Zombie Bears to take life steal.And i havent found any good build so far

    Spirit Barrage works well with the Rush of Essence passive. You can spam it for days on a single target and mix in a few acid clouds without ever going oom.
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    Anyone have any great builds, please post them :) Thanks.
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    This fetish build is working really well for me. I can do solo & group runs at T4 (haven't tested higher than that, I'd imagine it would still work though) very easily with only a decent, reasonably cheap gear. Once I get the pet damage helm, it will be quite insane, as fetishes hit very hard as they are right now.

    Pyrogeist is basically just a basic spell to summon fetishes and deal damage (great as it deals damage even if you're running).

    Acid rain is my main AoE ability. I love it more than most other skills for the WD, really because the range of the AoE feels like you're playing a Frozen Orb mage and the damage is still very high. Does decent single-target damage too. I feel like Vampire Bats make you too clumsy.

    Soul Harvest is just a great spell, I feel like it is almost mandatory for any WD build.

    Fetish Army is a bit questionable. That slot is the slot where you could change something else you preferred more (if you don't have the pet dmg helmet, if you do, then use Fetish Army without a question). Fetishes hit like little trucks and with the CD reduction rune it is very likely it'll be up for at least every other champion/rare pack, and they MELT. Literally.

    Spirit Walk is a good oh-shit button, allows me to kill those jailor+frozen elites much easier, not to mention it speed up the run when you're not fighting elites, as you can use it for run speed.

    Big Bad Voodoo is honestly great. With the boogie man I can get 3 doges that will tank damage, electrified ticks, arrows, etc. and deal a decent amount of damage. Not to mention it is a great DPS cooldown for those packs without Fetish Army up.

    As far as the passives go, I think I should explain myself a little. Pierce the Veil + Vision Quest, WTF? Yeah. Pierce the Veil is actually pretty good for a Fetish spec (see Fetish Sycophants) as it boosts the damage those do as well (seeing as they do your weapon damage). I combat the increased mana cost with Vision Quest, which, by the way, is awesome with Pyrogeist, as it refreshes with every tick that the Pyrogeist itself does.

    And then, the star of the build, Fetish Sycophants. This passive is insane. The Fetishes deal as much damage as the Fetish Army, and it is not rare to see 4-6 up at the same time.

    I seriously cannot wait to get my hands on the minion damage helmet, I want it so bad. This build is already really good for farming through all the acts in a group or without one and I cannot imagine how effective it would be with the helmet.

    For anyone interested, this is my armory.
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    When Reaper of souls hits live servers I will start to make builds, atm there is no way to make anything , since everything is op right now in terms of dps and difficulty ;)

    edit: Acid rain for torment 1+2 and Zombie bears for torment 3 and beyond are atm the most powerful builds that we can play.
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    Expect lvl 70 starting guide about 26.3.
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    Torment II easy farm Video is up - go and test my new OP build called The Pool Jumpers

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    What build you can suggest for hardcore without OP-gear? Link to build, plz.

    Bats+Piranhas, or Acid-Barage, or smth. else? Some more info plz, not few words. :)

    With your current build without good gear i think will be problems with mana and survivety....
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    I'm having real problems with mana on EVERY build I try (except the fetish with Vampire Bats).

    I'll link my profile and every tip is welcome. SwalaZaJioni

    (I know that I shouldn't go with that weapon, but I've still to find any other weapon 1h or 2h that doesn't drop my dps by 20-40k)
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    Ok guys. Ill try to explain - if you go to the first page or here and see the video. You can basicaly spam zombie chargers without htat much issue.. the key to this is Rush essence

    basicaly if you ran out of mana just spam spirit barage for 2-5second and your regen is just fine to span another zombie chargers ;) aswell as Ive got Blood ritual which makes you save 10% mana cost which is paid in life (thats about 15healt / zombie charger cast) + you can get mana reduce from paragon lvls and ofc from gear

    atm im sitting on 25% mana reduction.

    Another mana gain is from gruesome feast when you get blob you get 10% mana - Grave injustice 1% mana / kill so thats how i manage my mana - basicaly i kill everyhting in few seconds so i never run out of mana - i regen most of my spend mana during runing to another pack

    yep i forgot to mention - Spirit walk (20%mana per use) and ofc soul harvest rune ;)

    btw Spirit barage - the spirit is willing is beter choice since it gives you extra mana per cast and you dont use spirit barage that often (me personaly almost never .. just to gain some mana regen)
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    hej projax thanks for your awsome guides. been using the dott spec for ros and im doign t1 and t2 without problems. Just wondering about the items you linked the other day that enhanced that build would you mind linking them again cant seem to find them anymore. peace
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    Nice video! :) Can you suggest any good build to play with the Zombiedogs? I really like their sustain and have a few items that boost their damage. Thanks!
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    Ill post the item and dot spec section again during tomorow - dont worry ;)

    about zombie dogs - I did not tested anything related to them since their dmg is not that op but they are definitely good defense ability.

    Anyway if you get the homonculus that can summon zombie dog / 5sec then you can propably do some crazy shit with it - and I think there were also some ring or legendary that created one big gargantuan doggy ;) Anyway you can always go Pool jumpers and switch some spells and passive to the dogs if you like them. Their dmg will be alway small ( not consider sacrifice) but their role is soaking range and mellee atacks for you
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    Without op-gear i like for today 2 builds. ("Spirit Vessel" - i take because of Hardcore. For SoftCore i suggest to change for smth. else)

    1) Acid-Barage-Piranhado


    Tip: i first use passive CircleOfLife to summon dogs, later change back to BloodRitual(it also can be changed for smth. else if no problem with mana).

    2) Bats-Piranhado


    I use dps-rune for Soul Harvest. But it can be changed for health/mana. Dogs can be with Life Link rune.
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    you realy dont need op gear, you just need alittle bit of practice to not sux totaly. Anyway definitely its a must in a party when farming since its dps output is so high
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    Your spec is awesome, I'm just wondering how you manage with your mana. I cast piranha and 2 zombie towers and then I just stand there with no mana. I even took the mana regen talent instead of the one with the longer debuff of piranhas. Is there something I don't realize? Do you maybe need a certain amount of damage so the mobs die before yo're oom? Also there seem to be not enough monsters to get the resets.
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    spriti walk, spirit barage return alot of mana. blobs etc ;) will make video about it
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    Greetings WD's i obtained the "Gloves of warship" yesterday, these gloves are THE most impacfull(OP) legendaryyou can get. the shrinebuff i currently making Both Empowered and fleeting shrines last for an hour. whichcombined are amazing for WD's. i am currently running something simliar to the piranado charger build and withthe two shrine buffs i cannot goOOM even with pierce the veil. furthermore the fleeting shrine pickup radius bonus synergi with GrusomeFeastasemble the level of "thing of the deep" <:section> im currently running with vodoo but the champion pack are dying in less then2 sec anyway so imostly swap for Hex Angry chicken for a faster clears. Currently averaging in around 7mm clears for T1 rifts. Armory :http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/zala-2260/hero/48268 TLDR: Gloves of warship GET THEM
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    mana management and itemization guide up

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    Projax,. that link is to your own videos, if I click it, it shows me my videos, you might want to fix it :)

    UK based streamer/fool.

    Twitch - Twitter - Youtube - Facebook

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