[Witch Doctor] Complete guide for [Reaper of Souls] by Projax (Torment II+ guide up))

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    Welcome to Projax WD guide topic where i will post new builds (OP/funny/solo/group) And you can discuss here all your builds aswell.

    Reaper of souls day 1 - Finding proper build

    Once I logged in I was pretty decided to go the "dot spec" whitch I did but it turned out to be realy "low dps one" but still i managed do torment III group clear without big problems. After 5hour break i came back fresh into the game and started to theorycraft about new possibilities and synergies to make solo build which is strong also in party. and here we go


    The build itself is based on very strong nuke with ability to "control" enemies during the nuke.


    Spirit barage(rune optional) - combo rush essence (strong single target dps with insane mana regen mechanic)

    Zombie charger(pile on) - Main nuke (Insane aoe dps output with piranhado combo = blue rare dead withing seconds)

    Piranha(piranhado) - Control/15%dpsbuff (combo with zombiecharge spell to clear everything within seconds)

    Soul Harvest(rune optional) - DPS buff + dps output when specced

    Spirit walk(horrable guest) - Self cd+ mana regen CD

    Big Bad Voodoo(Slam dance) - DPS cooldown

    gruesome feast - great mana regen and dps boost ability
    grave injustice - killing returns mana and reduce cds of our abilities
    rush of essence - our primary mana regen passive thah generates 100 per each cast of spirit barrage, soul harvest, spirit walk and piranhas
    Blood ritual - extra mana reduce passive with good healing effect

    Video Link



    The build is once again based on pickup radius passives (gruesomefeast and graveinjustice - both do great things when you can kill enemy fast (thats what we can) You will reduce cd of skills by 1sec by 1 enemy killed and you will gain 10% mana and 10% inteligence boost from redblobs.

    Basic rotation on every group of mobs / rares is just to put down piranhado to suck the mobs inside and then Zombiecharge them to deatdh (if you run out of mana go spirit walk or do few spirit barages.


    Everytime chose templar its the most tanky one and it gives you great boost (hp regen + mana regen and it taunts the enemies and also he is able to stun them) So dont forget to gear your Templar

    everything else what you should know is in the video

    Itemization and Mana Management
    here is a small guide how to manage your mana and what are the core stats etc ;)

    Specific Legendary item to look for
    yet to be determined but so far - Thing of the deep (pickup radius synergy with passives)
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    reserverd spot for future updates

    Comming soon:

    Special builds by other known WDs.
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    I made a build similar to your spider bears that I use for uber farming as well as mp8 farming.


    It leverages damage reduction as well as mana regeneration in order to sustain long fights while still dealing high damage.
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    What do you think about The Grin Reaper? Prices of these are skyrocketing in America's and Asia. Will you use it for pvp?
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    New pvp video is up (wd vs monk).
    about the grin reaper - its very interesting indeed. I should try that out
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    What would you recommend for a new 60 WD in Hard Core for a build and farming once the patch 1.07 comes out? I have about 11 mil gold budget for gear. Would your build for mp0 work well for Hard core?

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    there is my hc wd gameplay with about 600k budget gear mp1 - so go for 600+ allress 450 Loh 2-3%ls - 60k hp and you should be about 40-50k dps then you will have no problem with farming

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    Nice read.
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    Great guide, Projax, thanks for the effort.

    I would like to add one more build though, which for me has yielded the best results.

    This build is all about speed - you use SW+horrify to move between groups of mobs, SH as many as possible and ideally 1-shot most trash by doing so, finish off with some bears. If the group was large enough your SW & horrify cooldown should be reset and you can repeat. If not (or if distance to next mobs is longer), use angry chicken for the small movement speed gain and explode on them, again hoping to 1-shot. Use splinters to get those annoying succubi and shamans that are quite a pain to kill with bears. Never bother to pick off stray mobs and never backtrack.
    Only thing that can kill me are reflect minions, but those will get fixed in 1.0.7. Those i usually kite with splinters.

    Gearing for this build is also really cheap, since the focus is only on average damage - minimum damage in particular. While getting crit chance & crit damage will boost your paper dps by a lot, the aim is to 1-shot as much as possible with SH, so that you don't have to use another skill but move on to the next group. To achieve this your lowest damage needs to 1-shot. Look for low APS/high average damage black weapons (spear, mace), get at least 100 min dmg frog, high average damage on all jewels and as much INT as possible. Some attack speed will help stutter-stepping with bears, but isn't really necessary
    You can effectively do this on MP2 with under 10mil budget.

    With higher budget going into cc/cd (on top of the initial average dmg, never give that up) and survivability this build remains viable up to MP5-6. You won't 1-shot as much, but can still have great speed.

    EDIT: forgot to mention 2 things
    - 4 piece zuni set and mana regen zuni helm really help when using PtV passive. Haven't tried this w/o the 4 piece, but I don't think it works.
    - the build can also work with a high dmg/high int 2-hander, if you can get the 20 PU radius on other items
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    Hey guys,

    I just wanted to drop in an interesting find I discovered last night.

    The new red gems in "some" weapons will be higher dps than that of a green gem.

    For example if you currently own a manajuma with 100% cd gem then if u put a radiant ruby in your dps will be higher...

    The new Marq gems are really quite costly but in case of daggers and non black damage weapons they can be awesome well not the green one.

    I gained a 4ok base dps upgrade from the 160 min/max gem over putting in a 110% emerald.

    100 mil for 40 k is def worth it...

    I've looking at the numbers and it looks like red gems increase your base crit dam and the green ones increase your top end potential...

    Used d3up.com to calculate these but it's not showing the new content in slots...

    Any how check out my profile for my manajuma which is now

    1275 base
    2.8 life steal.
    50% damage

    Was a tiny 939 before and now it hits like a truck.

    Weapons like echo gain more from the green gem. I think it might be to do with it being a "black weapon"

    Happy for the new dagger upgrade =) at this stage it's just a huge buff to witch doctors.

    Someone else take a look and comment = )
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    Thanks for all the work you've put into the Witch Doctor.
    Started with D3 a few weeks ago after a long break once again as a Archon Wizard and got some lucky drops,
    but somehow it wasn't that entertaining.
    Your Acid Armageddon WD is a blast to play, tried a little one with ~10m budget and it's such a wonderful
    and entertaining class, I guess I should put the rest of my gold into it, too. Works like a charm AND is awesome to play.
    Nice videos, nice guide, thumbs up. :)
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    Dont see it mentioned in this guide, but could add a note to the behaviour or zombie bears. Placing yourself in a corner or against a wall will affect the route your bears take.

    ie; If youre in a corner with 2 walls left and right (from your characters pov) from where you fire your bears, they will move in a straight line rather than in 3ish lanes like they normally do. This pretty much destroys most (melee) elites incredibly fast.
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    Projax, and all

    I have a build that is incredibly fast on mp7+
    Granted it is quite gear dependent but more on the mana regen side

    Primary attack - spirit barrage - well of souls
    Second attack - z bears
    Spirit walk - life or mana regen (this is dep on ur gear and base mana)
    Soul harvest - siphon
    Dogs - life - if u have more life regen u could swap this for garg for more damage but I like the distraction of 3 pets over 1 vs damage
    Last rune is change able I like to use voodoo simply because I dnt need it but when I do use it the time on elites is cut in half.

    Passive - spiritual attune, rush of essence, g-feast or blood rites
    Last rune depends on what ur doing.

    I prefer feast as with my gear setup mobs die so fast that the health globes give more than enough resources back

    If u don't have the base mana blood rites will keep me 100% manna up with out s-walk and in fact if I just cast well of souls I'm gaining mana due to higher regen rate I only start to loose mana when I throw bears in

    I only have 29k health which if I had more I would be godly with this build do working on it.

    But this build allows if u attack rite to cast bears and spirit barrage at the same time due to cast animation timers. And not loose much mana. Rush of essence paired with these runes puts me over 130 mana/s then if I really need swalk is there.

    Basically I clear mp 7 as fast. Very fast. Bears I hate never wanted to use it lol but you just can't avoid it... This build isn't easy as some times on the brink of death but thanks to life steal and crazy dps I can stay up.

    I'll work on a vid later this week check out my build on d3.com

    This in my opinion is the strongest WD build and with blood rites on can be used in übers for crazy damage I've long fights never loosing mana...

    Love the WD so any info I can add on my play experience helps me and the community. Take a look and let me know what u think.

    For bears and well of souks to be cast same time:

    Start channelling with Right click or left holding shift. Then while holding it down spam click well of souls watch as the animations over lap allowing the cast of both same time.

    450% souls
    708% bears same time. Per second

    Happy hunting guys,



    Just swapped rain dance rune for slam dance rune. Bears uses more mana here but if u just cast well of souls the damage increase is huge due to how well of souls benefits from ias. = )
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    Build: SpiritBomb
    Link to the build: http://eu.battle.net...XQUT!caf!acYbaZ
    note: this build is great for long term fights like uber bosses, no that great for farming.
    What's the point of using acid bomb over bears? Acid bomb doesn't reflect damage or what?
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    Quote from Morkai

    Morkai wrote

    Thanks allot!!!! this kind of stuff we need on diablo forums more regulary!! New specs that are refreshing new and actually works.

    I'm all over testing new WD spec now, just at the time i feelt the bore starting to crippling.
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    Quote from vidrith

    Quote from Morkai

    Morkai wrote

    Thanks allot!!!! this kind of stuff we need on diablo forums more regulary!! New specs that are refreshing new and actually works.

    I'm all over testing new WD spec now, just at the time i feelt the bore starting to crippling.

    Glad you like it!

    I've been crafting and I got lucky with a 9.5cc,88cd int Ammy so It motivated me to look at the other crafts and lead me to some very interesting findings!

    If you already have the cash and decent gear and your rolling for that 1% roll it's def worth the gamble and roll gloves of vitality over int. it may take a lot more rolls but by rolling vit gloves you have a much higher potential to roll vit and only loose 30int in the long run...

    Gloves of vitality = int 300 / vit 330
    Gloves of intellect = int 330 / vit 200

    Max main stat possible roll.

    A trifecta in vit gloves with int would be sexy...

    I'm actually gonna drop Zuni chest for the new craft chest due to the vitality rolls on the archon of int pattern.

    I'd loose 20 mana/sec but my base is 90.6 so 70 isn't much of a loss if I gain 7k dps and 15k life...

    Basically the new crafts look like they have the potential to put a WD at 80k health with over 230k unbuffed dps. My long term goal.

    Diablo.incgamers.com has an indepth article on the crafts front page just scroll down a bit.

    Happy hunting G/L


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    This thread has helped me greatly. I've been farming a bunch of portal devices on MP6 using the spider+bears combo, but I am reluctant to use them because I can't really do mp10 ubers worth a darn. I'd rather not risk doing them on mp 6/7 and not getting the item, because the last 7 or so wardens I've killed (even on mp6) have not dropped keys, so you just never know.

    Here is my profile: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Chip-1277/hero/4092215

    I recently finally found a few decent items and have ~230 million gold to spend on upgrades. If anyone could help me make the most of the gold I have, and suggest a build for mp10 ubers, please do so. I'll be doing the ubers with my brother's CMWW wizard, who has a relatively low damage output ("~110k").
    The strong must rule if we are to survive.
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    Hello Morkai - I would be glad to meet you on Team speak to discuss your build I realy would like to test it out and Highlight it in the guide. ;) or you can make video
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    I am running with acid armageddon on MP1 with my WD, doing great
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    nice guide mate well done
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