Witch Doctor Soloing Inferno Videos

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    They're just jealous that this guy can play the game like he wants to play it.
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    I don't really get the upset in this thread. Someone killed bosses and had fun doing it, and decided to share. I didn't see anything that said 'this is the only way to play Diablo 3 and if you do anything different you're a loser.' Just because someone kills something or doesn't kill something does not in any way invalidate your . . .err. . .accomplishments. That is why there's anger, right? Because you feel like your own efforts have been in some way tarnished? They haven't. And yeah, this is coming from someone who is taking their sweet ass time with the game. You say they're going too fast in inferno? I haven't even reached hell yet. Just taking my time enjoying the game my way. And yeah, just because he posted his kills doesn't mean I'm going to follow it at all. I have my own thing and I'll adjust as necessary. Just like you guys are and will.

    Anyways, a nice post. I enjoyed it. Keep having fun and sharing it with others. :)
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    As much as I love people sharing their input on builds I'm sick of seeing Splinter and bear builds. I've been running Direbats recently and it is way more fun then Splinters. With the large IAS nerf I think Splinters will become less popular so might as well look into other builds that perform better with slower attack speed.

    The large benefit of Direbats so far that I have seen is it allows you to kill boss packs that are virtually impossible with splinters without zerging down a boss. Most notably immune minions and reflect damage! Also kiting boss packs is much more easier with direbats. The range and width of the bat allows very simple hit and run casting that splinters actually feels clunky doing. Bats also have a slow travel time. This is actually a benefit because while kiting mobs will run into the bat keeping you at a far distance while still doing good damage. Not to mention if you get good at positioning you can be damaging an entire group of bosses at once instead of one at a time.

    The build has it's downside no doubt. It's mana intensive and you pretty much are forced into Vision Quest. I don't really consider this a downside though as long as you have space to put in Spirit Vessel the other two perks really are up for debate. The only other issue with the build is damage consistency in co-op games. When HP skyrockets the bats become less useful and you end up standing around waiting a few seconds per bat cast when you get low.

    I think Direbats are getting a bad rap. People think you need to be a heavy cooldown build to use the builds and that is totally false. I run a similar build to the OP except I swapped Splinters for Direbats and Pierce the Veil for Vision Quest and it functions great. I love the build for farming solo it really is fun. Depending on my setting (single or co-op) I swap Army for Totem.

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    This HC player is mad cuz he aint beating the game pre-nerf.
    Don't bring any HC into this, this is softcore video and strats.
    Don't assume others can't beat the game because its impossible to you, you fail at kiting. I cleared this game on my glass cannon WD with lower stats and you can't take SHIT from my run because it was 100% LEGIT, no skips.
    I could probably kite you all day on my hunter too.
    Blame blizzard forcing me into this. I knew a nerf was coming and I wanted to beat inferno before that. and guess what? I want you to enjoy your Nerfed Content and keep bitching all you want, I'll hear what you have to say when you actually beat the game.

    Now please go away. after all the info the OP shared, the last thing he needs is a bad like you hating.
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    What Xago has done both in game and out putting together this guide is quite impressive to say the least.

    I'm surprised mods haven't done anything about this tool bashing him.

    I appreciate the guide, Xago. Up until now I thought it was hopeless on a witch doctor and switched to Wizard.
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    I used to run in this spec on inferno:


    I found i can do nice dmg with this one, good survivability and CC skills. You just have to learn how and where spam Spirit Barrage, I understand that spamming it in one place gives nice numbers in dmg but if mob got fast or teleport affix u should spam it where mob WILL be.Ofc without them u nuke champions and bosses really fast.

    With Jaunt rune u recive much survivability, everybody can say they needed that 1 second to survive in some situation.
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    Spirit Barrage? That's an interesting rune; but the firebomb/ghost bomb one does 85%, plus 20% for 28 yards. That's massive AOE for less mana cost. I'm going to give it a shot later, though. I'd like to have another ability to fire at a boss or elite group.

    The jaunt rune seems a little useless as you get kicked out of spirit form if you take 50% health damage - which can happen extremely quickly.

    Here's my build. It has been working very well. Fetish sycophants are great tanks. And you can have up to 6 (I've never had 7) at a time. They can't be killed other than by father time. And you can summon them at your whim - just spam firebomb and they start popping out, even if you don't do damage.

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    I've changed Jaunt rune for Honored Guest one, from now on i dnt lack mana. simply after i use Grasp i spam Spirit Barrage on the Grasp texture edge ( the one closer to me) so mob gets a lot of dmg from it. And after that i can easly kite further spam some darts and do grasp and barrage again. Tonight ill try firebomb for aoe, but im not sure if it works good for bosses/elites.
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    i did the boss yesterday, and your guide to diablo was very usefull!
    Thanks mate.

    I have very little health (6k) and very little defence(30% armor reduc, 35% resistace 15% dodge ), so I just tired not to die! lol

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    Hey, I have tried your build and it works really well, but I don't understand something. Why are you using Spiritual Attunement and Honored Guest rune? Splinters can be spammed pretty much non-stop without SA passive even with Pierce the Veil and none of your other skills are spammable, neither mana-expensive. Seems to me like a waste of passive and rune, that could be used for something useful instead (Jungle Fortitude, Jaunt/Healing Journey).
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    niceone man
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    Awesome stuff! :D
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    - Skeleton King. For those who got some trouble with Skeleton King. Then this is a build i found very usefull and very easy to get him down with.

    - Butcher quick kill. Took me 17 sek to down him. A very nice build for killing champions and rares aswell.

    - Ghom. Heard that some people having a hard time killing Ghom. Managed to make a build that i found very usefull and easy to down him with.

    Hope it's usefull. GL everyone.
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    So good =)) niceone!
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    here is my "alkraizer road" try -- feel free to comment ;)

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    Nice guide but i would suggest using the enchantress
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    Good guide Projaxs!
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    I have to give my props to you good sir for teaching me how to do Diablo in Softcore. I was able to kill him in hardcore with taking those tips into consideration as well! =)

    I already linked this in the hardcore section! but here it is again:

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    some really nice videos, thanks a lot
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    Unpinning this for obvious reasons.

    Ha. Bagstone.

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