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    Looking for some help with my Witch Doctor; I know it’s a commonly asked question but you guys are so good at answering it! I’ve got a pretty standard build (link: http://d3up.com/b/1105047/bearz) I’ve got Gargantuan in there for solo runs, but for Ubers and groups I switch to Big Bad Voodo – Slam Dance. My base, unbuffed DPS is sitting at 168,634.21 and with Valor, and self-buffs I sit at just about 400k. And suggestions on how to better by WD? I’m not particularly attached to anything but I’d rather not go FireBats. I don’t have a huge budget with max 300mil gold left but I could probably sell some of my current gear if I needed to or sell off some gems for another couple hundred mil.

    Stats Quicklook:

    DPS: 168,634.21
    APS: 1.14
    Crit Chance: 40%
    Crit Dmg: 544%
    Str: 285
    Dex: 347
    Int: 3232
    Vit: 1263
    Armor: 3035
    All Res: 701
    HP: 61k
    L/S: 5%
    P/UR: +7

    Quicker link to gear: http://diabro3.com/?armoryURL=http://us.battle.net/api/d3/profile/ClericAzrael-1640/hero/33288777&submitButton.x=89&submitButton.y=30
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    not sure why you're looking to improve... you don't really need to improve as far as gear is concerned, i mean sure you can boost your armor a bit, by changing out those pants for some better rare ones. but honestly you look like you shouldn't be having any issues. if you're gonna do a bear build, fool around with skills you like. if you wanna do damage you either gotta go bear or firebats. the build i use a mix between both, and pretty solid, i rarely have any problems. i can only imagine the type of damage you can do with plague bats... give it a shot, unfortunately WDs also don't have many build varieties in terms of damage / efficiency. it would also help to know what MP you're on... anything over MP8 i'd say go plague bats, because most of the time it's a 1 time cast to burn down elites... otherwise you're just spendin too much mana that you don't have, which in turn gets frustrating, and requires alot of placement. GI is good, as is GF, but i found that the higher MPs everything in general dies slower, and by that time most of your cooldowns are fine anyway. just fool around with some stuff. i used to run bears as a main, and i had mana issues til i used widowmakers, but after the fix to firebats you really can't go wrong
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    Thanks for the reply. I guess that I just see all these posts from other WD having insane DPS and soloing mp10 and I'd like to do so also. I guess my first goal is going to be hitting para 100 and go from there. At this point, most gear upgrades I find or see in the AH are minimal for hundreds of millions of gold. I guess I'll work on crafting some pants and maybe an amulet next.
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    well, judging by where you are right now, i mean, you have more life, more DPS, around the same res as my WD, and i solo MP10 ubers... so it must just be your gameplay... if you solo MP10 you're gonna get to Plvl100 before you know it. like i said, the build i use is solid... before you do anyhting, just give it a shot, and see how you like it. you should be having a much easier time than i do
    WD - mostly other chars are toilet... my pride and joy ;D http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/SirBoneselot-1182/hero/1672627
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    you're armor is to low for mp10. You need about 3,800+. that is about all I see missing
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