0 Dogs WD need some advice on gearing

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    Hi there, im fairly new to the whole Diablo 3 scene...did not like the game at release day and just recently picked it up again and now im really enjoying it. Have hit 60 with my WD and already spent some serious coin in the auctionhouse. Been running with the usual firebat build for a while but I got really tired of it.

    Now i've started building up my gear for 0 dogs and I was wondering if any kind WD out there would be able to help me check my stats and what to swap out to get the build to work as well as possible for MP10? currently I run at MP 5 to 8 with some deaths, MP10 still one shots me at many occasions and im not really sure how to build to survive that, more dps? more health from health globes?

    Im thankfull for any help I can get on this.

    Link to my profile: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Ponch-2497/hero/30288708
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    i think you should try going for pick up radius abit.
    and maybe lower attackspeed but increase crit chance more/crit damage. yea

    can check out mine. zephyral#6762
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    well right off the bat, i'd say ditch the relentless pursuit, you should have zuni marrow there, that alone is good survivabilty, and also ditch the pants. get some good rare ones, or if you wanna keep the AS, go lacuni (though not the best choice for survivability.) CC would do you good to boost a bit, as zephyral said, the AS should be a bit higher though so you can cast fast enough to sustain life. radius would be good to have a bit more, around 5 or so, just so you can collect orbs, which in turn keeps you alive. make some bracers with CC AR int and vit, thats more or less all i can see right off the bat. if you need any other tips or help just post em up. and for shits, v my sig for my WD, he survives MP10, but has less AS, which is one of the main components to making the 0dog build work v

    also, come loot 2.0 when stuff starts to drop in any difficulty and any level, and homunculous should allow you to hit some pretty crazy numbers at ilvl 63... food for thought
    WD - mostly other chars are toilet... my pride and joy ;D http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/SirBoneselot-1182/hero/1672627
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