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    Hi Guys

    Sorry if this has already been asked before but which craftable slots do you guys consider it better to create a vitality / stamina piece. This can be both maximum vit/int combination or in terms price vs worth.

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    for gloves: craft vit (can get like 200 int, 300 vit)
    all others should be intcrafts.
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    Gloves can roll 300 int and 330vit when crafted:

    1: 230 vit roll from recipe
    2: 200 Int roll
    3: 100 int + 100 vit roll
    4: 50% Critdamage
    5: 9% Attackspeed
    6: 10% Critchance

    If you craft INT gloves you can have a pair of 330 int, 100 vit, 80 allres (or an additional 100vit), 50% cd, 9% as, 10%cc.

    So craft the ones you are in most need of and hope to get lucky
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    Int and Dex gloves can roll 300 standard, strength can not. Although, a good pair of trifecta gloves are very hard to craft. I wouldn't recommend crafting vit anything but Barb shoulders (since str can already roll 300 on shoulders).
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    Thanks man this has been useful. So craft vit gloves for int/dex and for barbs vita shoulders. Awesome thanks. I have also found making vit necks to be cost effective and cheap and rolls good vit/str combinations.
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