Requesting Build + Gear critique

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    First things first, here's the WD in question:

    Hi guys,

    Haven't been playing much lately but then got back in to it pretty heavy. I have a pretty decent set of gear and have been experimenting with skills builds.

    First question: What gear should I upgrade to push my DPS to the next level? I'm sitting on about 500m so I have a little to spend

    Second: What skills do you think I should use? I've been using spiders for the VQ mana sustain and pretty much have 0 mana problems with low IAS and zuni 4p spamming bears/bats. I think I'm going to opt for the cloud of bats rune since it seems pretty popular (I have been using plague bats). Other than that spirit walk and soul harvest seem kind of mandatory.

    More: What passives are you using? Do you use garg? Do you take VQ? What do you use to keep it up, and what rune do you use if you use spiders as I do?

    I've begun farming for the BoA recipes and all that. Any feedback is appreciated.

    Thank you!
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    You can craft way better bracers than strongarm , I suggest buying the recipe , no point in farming it. Gloves can have all rez, armor, more crit dmg, I don't know , they seem incomplete:D. Amu has very low crit chance. Also I see 1h weapon+oh better than 2h...
    Skill wise I would make some suggestions for you to try:
    Horrify-frightening aspect, insane armor
    Locust swarm-devouring swarm, very good mana regen vs a large number of monsters(there is where you may need extra mana..)
    Blood ritual(passive), the much needed mana+life regen
    Grave Injustice(passive), even on mp10 you kill monsters fast so the -1 to cooldowns per kill helps a lot with skills like spirit walk,horrify,hex...
    Gruesome feast(passive), killing monsters fast also ensures the efficiency of this passive=>huge dmg bonus
    And , of course, there are big bad voo doo for elites and hex with jinx(which goes well with grave injustice)
    Some combinations of those skills will definitely work better for you!
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