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    Hi everyone.

    I have a lvl 52 WD on HC.

    Could you suggest me an interesting build to play on this gamemode? I mean, with enough survival and without needing 2 hours to kill something :)

    By now I have leveled up to lv 52 with pets and care (I always play on MP1)

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    I don't play HC and this might be outdated, but I'll give you the viable specs I found completing inferno on my wd pre 1.0.4.
    I usually would run Gargantuan, Spirit Walk, Zombie Dogs and Soul Harvest as defaults. Gargantuan I'd go with the cleve or bash rune, Spirit Walk I prefer Jaunt, but take heal or mana if needed. If you have lots or some CC on hit I'd go with burning dogs and big stinker, if not lifelink or lifeleech are good.

    Personally I ran acid bears with raindance, fetish army, jaunt and paranoia coupled with spirit vessel, jungle fortitude and bad mojo for the longest time. Was with a shitload of cc on hit and sometimes with burning dogs and big stinker instead of bbv and fetish army. The damage was bad, but if youre running low mp you can just gear for high dmg. Besides.. this was when d3 first came out and things were alot different than today, but i ran it from a few weeks after release and untill i recently switched spec last week. An updated version would look like (cannot post urls)!cTY!acZcac and is probably the best spec on low mp. I currently switched to a pestilence spec to farm paragonlevels even faster, but the downside is, I only pick up legendaries and sometimes demonic essences or some rares if I happen to pas them by.

    If you're tired of the standard builds there are some skills I used a lot early d3 that I just dont anymore.

    Firebomb - Roll the bones, Ghostbomb can be pretty fun. If you happen to run vision quest, you can use pyrogeist to keep it activated

    Spirit Barrage - Phantasm can replace zombie bears. requires rush of essence pasive for unlimited spam.
    Well of Souls can replace main attack, but requires rush of essence as well. Manitou can be used for the same purpose as pyrogeist, no passive required.

    Corpse Spiders - Leaping Spiders\Burning are pretty good and often forgotten. Spider queen does the same as pyrogeist and manitou, but have a good chance to proc cc's as well (at least it used to have).

    Dire Bats - Used this abit for farming whimseyshire pre inferno nerf. Probably still needs VQ and maybe some extra manaregen as well for consant spamming. Use in conjunction with grasp and maybe zombie wall if need.

    Zombie Wall - Just overall fun to use, saved my life many times and now you can even do a 0 cd pileon build.

    Hex - Oh man, this skill has saved my life so many times. too bad hes not needed anymore.

    Favourite alltime combo - BBV Slamdance, Fetish Army - Ambush + Mass Confusion - Paranoia + 5stack Soul Harvest and Zombie Bears. It's heavy on cd's, but if theyre up, everything else is dead.

    Basicly there's alot of good skills, just zombie bears is better than everything which makes it most efficient to run some variant of it. Just try out different combinations of skills. there's quite a few funny ones.
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    Hey check my sig for build i have mt HC lv60 WD and my currently leveliing WD at level 46 both same spec its awesome, drop the acid and let the pets finish them off, im clearing inferno MP1 act 1 pretty fast with this just need to keep your buffs up from soul harvest and gruesome feast
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