Am I doing this right?

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    So, decided to try Firebat spec for the fun of it.

    Here is the set that I managed to quickly make, and the spec:

    Looking for advice on wether some items should be improved and how.

    I mainly do group runs.

    My main issue seems to be that I run out of mana on elite packs. I was thinking cut some attackspeed by finding other neck and ring. Or maybe get some manaregen somehow?

    Thanks a bunch in advance!
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    Instead of locus swarm try using spirit barrage and change spirit vessel to rush of essence. That will help with the mana issue.
    this is the build im using
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    Using Zombie bears and Firebats in the same build doesn't really make sense to me tbh.

    As Alarthon mentioned try and use spiritbarrage with Rush of Essence as a single target nuke and use the firebats for AoE, if you have problems using CoB properly in group play because mobs don't always come to you, try using Plague bats instead, insane AoE and insane DoT damage and easier to use when mobs are little more spread like they often are in group play. is my WD, i often swap to plaguebats in group play, but the build works wonders... swap Blood Ritual for GI if you use many heavy cooldown spells (best used with CoB because no pickup radius is needed),
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