1.08 PTR, Fire Bat is not better than bear and Bomb Dog

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    Although BZ buff a lot damage on Fire Bat, it seems useless.
    I try so many builds and different gears to see if I can survive in MP10, however, its Attack Range is so so small.
    If you face on some Fast / Fire Ball / Laser / Freeze monster, WD would die in a second.
    Once you use Fire bat, you have to stand, and no move, so that the mana consumption is not that heavry. But for some monster, you absolutely cannot stand more than 1 second. If you move and attack, the mana consumption (220 mana) is incredible large.
    Any one can share your experience, when you use 1.08 fire bat on MP10?
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    This is also my experience. Furthermore, there are a lot of monsters with knockback which make this skill useless for me. The other runes are even dumber, you shoot 4 Bats, which won't even hit the desired target because they are obviously drunk, and you are out of mana.
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    WD is not like Bar and Monk, WD have no high armor and Damage Reduction,
    So, I don't know why BZ make this change to WD.
    Even I upgrade my WD in 100K life and 800 All Resist, but still dead in 1 sec for some Horrible Monster.
    I suppose BZ have to buff all the pets skill......BECAUSE IT IS WITCH DOCTOR
    All power should come from the pets, this is the WD specials than the others.
    WD is only one character can use a lot of pets and help him to fight.
    We can see now all pets is more tough than before, but their abilities still weak.
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    Here example, pure cloud of bats. Significantly better than bears in this area:

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    Quote from aerialus

    Here example, pure cloud of bats. Significantly better than bears in this area:

    How about in A3, some monsters have "Fast" and "Damage Reflection" ?
    Can you survive by using this Build?
    Thank you to share you experience and video. :kiss:
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    I played around with CoB even before the dmg buff, and i managed to use it instead of bears all entirely (though not as efficient due to the low dmg).

    Basicly if you mix it with SB - WoS you have a great way to kill those super elite packs that you can't stand still for (Freeze/molten/plague/arcane etc.) and most of the time you basicly just run into the mobs, start the bats and lifesteal will make sure you don't die (given that you ofc. have 700 or so AR and 50k+ health)... use SB to finish off ranged mobs / runaways... you can even throw in Haunt and simply haunt the targets that won't be hit by your bats...

    Anyways, my point is, even now on live servers CoB is not completely useless, not saying it's the most efficient but i have managed playing mp8 KD2 runs with CoB instead of bears, ofc. it took longer to kill due to the low dmg and i've had much better results on PTR but it all comes down to playstyle and preference.
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    I found that probably best combo is bears + cob. Bears to clear trash and ranged elites, everything else cob (also for melee trash, if there is huge crowd coming at you).
    Never managed to make wos work on mp10, single target abilities don't deal enough damage. Takes way longer to kill with this skill than with bears.
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    to be honest zombie bears i find to be boring. i like efficiency as much as the next guy, but since they are buffing bats for next patch i decided to try it on live for fun and tbh i could never have as much with zombie as i do with bats :), i personally prefer plague bats(though it doesn't crit which means no big yellow numbers) but is still fun. but running around like a crazy person throwing plague on everything! i love it :) yay for games being fun? :)
    and i know this post was about bears being better then bats! but stills bats rule! WOOO!
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