Looking to improve my dps while keeping my survivability

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    Hey all,

    Per the title; I want to up my dps while keeping my survivability. My WD is mostly for support, and I give that support with tank-ish minions. So my lps and resist all are pretty important to that. If you can give any suggestions gear wise I'd appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance.

    My WD: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/HeavenDenies-1161/hero/3415138
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    You could increase your damage by quite a bit with a pair of Zunimassa's Boots. The resistance lost could be easily solved with a better Pants (that has resists and sockets).

    Your Gloves could also be cheaply upgraded by giving up just a few stats, and it would up your damage by quite a bit. Your rare Ring is quite bad as well. Getting one with average Crit Chance (4%+) + Crit Dmg isn't expensive, and should again up your damage by a considerable margin.

    When your crit chance is within a decent margin (38-40%+), getting crit dmg on your weapon with either a socket or as a random roll is a must. Even if you drop to a 900 DPS weapon, as long as it has a ton of crit dmg, you'll see your overall dps increase.

    That Hellcat Waistguard is also horrible, you can get a decent EHP rare Belt that's better than that, but if you're looking for a big 10-20k leap in DPS, a Witching Hour is the way to go - you can get one for about ~1mil nowadays (less if you're willing to wait and bid for it).

    Get a "proper" Intel Vile Ward. They're very cheap nowadays and you'd gain at least 100 intel there. I'd honestly go for a 220 one, since those aren't very expensive either.
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    Replacing Fierce Loyalty with Jungle Fortitude would no doubt help too, thorns damage as it works at the moment is fairly terrible and pets have their own life regen, would allow you to sacrifice some EHP for DPS elsewhere (or pick another passive, maybe Zombie Handler?).

    I was running a similar build to you with similar stats a while back, mixed it up a bit and am working with: http://eu.battle.net...UdTY!cdf!ZcaYZY + 10 mana/second on helm, feel much stronger these days (all gear self found, so could do with a bit more mana regen).

    Thinking of switching out Bears for Acid at the moment.

    Look to upgrade you gems too, should be able to get to Star quality fairly easily, minimal but easy improvement.
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    A socketed version of your weapon with an Emerald would help. You might also consider trying a +Int Skorn, they always have a ton of Crit Dmg and a Socket. Life steal would be the optimal stat to look for on the Skorn as that will give big returns with bears, but they will be pricey.

    Edit: Keep in mind you would need a pair of Zuni boots to keep the Mana bonus if you went 2h.
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    Thanks for all the advice, guys! I'll definitely incorporate all your suggestions and tips as I get cash to upgrade my WD.
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    So how do I compare a 2 handed weapon to my main hand and off hand? Isn't it looking at the just the item comparison from my main hand?
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    So I took your advice. After I get the witching Hour, I'm unsure where to go from there.
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    Thanks for all the advice. I have my WD in pretty good shape. My only gripe is that of my mh. While EF has amazing stats by default, the fear is annoying as hell sometimes. Is there an equally as good mh we can use in its place, or is it the Mantacore of the WD class?
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    "Is there an equally as good mh we can use in its place, or is it the Mantacore of the WD class?"

    Echoing Fury was never any "uber must have" weapon for WDs. Just paper dps for E-pen.
    Any yellow +1000 dps weapon with crit dmg, socket, LS and atleast ~40% weapon dmg will be better.

    The yellow ring you have could be easily replaced for more proper damage. Stone of Jordan or something with average dmg and high int.
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    Thanks, Vid.

    I'll look for a weapon like you suggested. Gonna pass on the ring though. I'm close to getting a hellfire, so that will be in that slot.
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    I'm having no luck finding rare weapons that can compare to the stats on my EF (within a reasonable price range). Hopefully the weekend provides better results.
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