What's wrong with my WD?

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    Quote from vodkabringer

    hello guys! it's me again with another bunch of questions

    /your tips so far are extremely useful and thanks to them I'm 100x better wd than I used to be/

    1) I ve been farming act III on MP3...but I want to push forward a bit...I'm aware I should change my weapon and was thinking what should it be? Is life steal mandatory at higher mps? if not I'd prefer to buy an echoing fury-ish thing with int and attack speed...or maybe I should buy manajuma's knife? any advice here would be greatly appreciated since I feel I'm stuck with this

    2) currently I have 20 yds pick up radius....do you guys think I can drop it a bit? I was considering buying Thing of the Deep but it would have to be absolutely decent (read question 1)

    3) any other suggestions about my gear?

    heres my WD


    thanks a lot!!!


    I notice you are using a Skorn! Loving the Skorn~~!! - I also use a Skorn on HC and don't believe in all this "need 1 hand + mojo".

    The problem with your skorn however is that you have no LoH or Lifeleach. This is a must! Without that your farming will be terribly ineffiecent (although you play SC so dying isn't a issue). The rest of your gear is not so bad, personally if you are using a Skorn i would be aiming for my Crit Chance & Crit Damage on your gear.

    Your build seems ok (not a fan of zombie bears personally). I'm curious as to how efficient you farm MP3? Personally, i play HC and farm MP0-1 and rate in the top of the WD on EU HC/SC.

    My build for farming both MP0-1 is as per my profile, the only thing i change when farming for keys (which i found most efficient on MP3) is swapping Locus out for Acid Rain (with 24 yard radius).

    P.s. get rid of your lacunis - craft some bracers with 5-6% crit - Int + pickup radius. This will help (dont stress about stam)

    Hope that helps
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    Quote from GangusKahn

    Quote from FuriousBalls

    You are most likely frustrated you can't pass monster power level 3 or you are just too dumb to give a constructive feedback. All in all, I suggest you to completely stop posting cause it's in every single aspect useless as fuck.

    @DonBukka - You are making a little bit of paradox here. You are saying that mana is not mandatory while every single skill you use (except bears) is mana regeneration skill. You are aware that having enough mana on gear makes you capable of using much greater and much more useful skills rather then Locust and Haunt which are when it comes to damage completely useless.

    With enough mana regeneration on gear you could use way more useful passives like Grave Injustice etc.

    Try playing with different build without those runes and tell me how you did in MP10.

    Try keeping your epeen in check. People will listen to you more if you arent screaming that everyone who is trying to help is stupid unless they do as you do.

    Mana regen on the lower MPs is NOT needed. I had no extra mana regen and was running MP6, and farming very effeciently AND had that naughty AS of 2.4 at the time. I was killing things using raw dps. Using Dogs, Gargantuan as meat shields with my Plague of Toads, to keep my distance, and using Acid Rain, Confusion and soul harvest. Id burst my DPS for elites and white trash died with ease without it.

    I only switched out my build out of boredom around Plvl 99 and the fact the WD is pigeon holed into using Bears for Higher MP runs thus mana regen becomes important.

    To the OP. Work on a balance of offence and defence and choose a build you want to use. Its difficult to switch mid stream if you decide to change skills as it may require a revamp of your gear. You dont need mana regen but you will be limited on your MP level because of it.

    No one is screaming, I'm just getting rid of the bots who are rather spamming threads they have no clue about rather then trying to act normal and helpful. I personally tend not to post unless I see I can give some constructive feedback. Also, I have no problems with people listening to me nor I m here to be listened, just trying to give a bit of myself and share some experience I have.

    When it comes to your logic, people tend to gear up to do higher MP's, no one is like "I want to gear up for MP 3" so my post is directed into gearing up to do higher difficulty stuff, no one is really thinking about mp 0 - 5 anymore. Only thing I'm constantly saying is that mana regeneration is mandatory stat for Witch Doctor, maybe not so much while solo farming but surely the most important one when playing MP10 with full group.

    When I was talking about your build and gear, I wanted to point out that you could with a bit more mana regeneration switch haunt and locust with big bad voodoo and Confusion cause increase damage to your party for 40% is something really nice and combined with wizard's barrier, monk's mantra, just makes MP10 feel like MP0.

    Sorry if I sounded a bit harsh, that's really not my intention, not even a bit.
    Cheers ! :)
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    Using a skorn is perfectly fine. Honestly, unless you have the money for an amazing 1h spear and good mojo it's your best option. I'm not sure why the above poster thinks you want a fast weapon... Here's a hint: you don't. Lowest attack speed everything is most optimal for a WD at the moment... There really is little point other than vanity to have anything fast.

    Secondly, gearing for mana regen is almost entirely unnecessary if your DPS isn't horrendous. I gear none and do mp10 just fine, my damage makes every fight very short, and I just use a regen skill afterwards. Gearing heavily for regen, generally is an indicator that your DPS is woefully low for what you're attempting. Using talents such as gruesome feast and grave injustice actually is a poor idea if you are killing slowly. You get less return on them the slower you move.

    There isn't much wrong with your witch doctor. You need to make sure your gear level matches the mp level you are attempting. Turn down the mp to where you don't die and move quickly if you are concerned about experience... Otherwise just play at the highest mp you feel comfortable with.

    Edit: plenty of people consider and play mp5 or below and should. Unless you are superlatively geared, worrying about higher mp is pointless and wasteful of time. The best way to grind out paragon is on low mp moving as fast as possible. The experience and mf bonus of higher mp is actually a waste if you are inefficient. Moving slowly and dying regularly will guarantee you less items and experience.
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    I cant find proper words to thank you all guys ;)

    1 - as for now - I have absolutely no problems with farming MP3 - I die rarely and usually due to my silly mistakes. Im not sure if my farming is effiecient (I can do like 4 alkeizer runs per hour so its not super terribad I guess); usually I like to modify the original route when I get bored. I farm tower of the damned lvl1> bridge of korsikk > rakis crossing (my fav zone in a3) > portal to town, keep lvl2 > corre of arreat > azmodan kill

    2 - I don't experience any problems with mana AT ALL atm. my build might be confusing tho...I used to use firebomb but when I noticed that my mana doesnt drop below 50% I switched to spirit barrage for even more damge. guess its because of full zuni set and passives

    3 - yes, Im definitely gonna change my weapon for 1H + mojo but for now Im saving gold (I bet I would need at least 50M for good gear)! I have no idea how to get more armor/ehp without having loads of gold lol

    4 - do you think I can stack more attack speed with 1H + mojo? What im planning is to get black 1H with lifesteal and thing of the deep so I can exchange other parts of my gear without worrying about pick up radius (I find out that even items with worse stats but with pick up radius are much more expensive). so in conclusion, after getting proper 1h with TotD next gear adjustments should be easier and cheaper. what do u think guys?

    my goal is to reach as high mp as possible because thats where real fun starts imo ;)

    see you around and wish you good drops!!!

    oh and last question:
    do you guys know any good routes to farm key wardens in a1 and a2? stacking nephalem stacks is pain in the ass there

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    1 - more mana reg is used later when you don't kill everything instantly.
    4 - for bears; never stack attackspeed

    Yes it should be cheaper with a totd, not having to get pickup on off pieces is expensief :D However getting a totd is counterproductive to going into higher MPs unless you have -alot- of gold :3 I got a TotD without zombie charger roll as I'm quite comfy at mp6 for now :3

    Getting a totd with 210+ ave, high int, high vit and -zombie charger manacost is gonna be alot more expensive than getting a similar string or uhkapian. And -mana cost for zombie chargers gets more and more crutch for every level of mp you up :3

    For a1 i do festetering -> fields
    For a2 i run into dahlgur and look for the forgotten ruins, get the checkpoint and just start frm there. the ruins usually yields about 4 stacks.
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