An Alternative build - Full Summoner

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    Hi all,
    I've wanted to create a build for WD that is created around summons only. So no other DMG spells.
    Summons and follower do all the DMG. I was interested in how viable it is, and can it be viable in any other MP than 0.

    As it turns out it is! :D

    I was able to play relatively comfortable up until MP3. MP4 was doable, MP5 not so much. Difficulcy spike is enormous.

    So here is a build for it:!agc!ZYcaZY

    NOTE: This build is not intended for fast paragon/legendary farming!
    This is for fun

    Here are the videos for it, with testing, build, gear I had.
    MP0 + build:



    What I want to see from you is:
    1) More videos with this build in Higher MP's
    2) Build suggestions, with test preferable :), but mind the rules. Bears and sacrifice cannot be used.

    EDIT: Although video 3 says it is part1, it is only a thumbnail mistakenly uploaded. Actual video is Part3 :)
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    Moving to WD forums.

    Ha. Bagstone.

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    That's cool. I used a variation of that for a while. The cool thing about it is that you can, and should, stack attackspeed with a build like this and mana is never an issue.

    Instead of Mass Confusion I used either Big Bad Voodoo (it has some nice sinergy with the Tribal Rites passive) or Spirit Barrage's Manitou. I also used Pierce the Veil, since mana is hardly an issue with a build like this, and it's a nice dps boost.
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    Thanks for sharing your build ! I think you could have more minions with Fetish Sycophants (instead of Blood Ritual for example). With a very fast attack speed (I used Azurewrath with attack speed on rings, amulet, mempo (don't need crit, just pick any int mempo) and tal armor). I managed to have 11 of them at a time (without using Fetish Army, Big Bad Voodoo or an attack speed sanctuary). I'm not sure which spell you could use to trigger it. Corpse spiders can trigger it, but I don't know if spamming it would work well with the Spider Queen.

    Here is the template I would suggest :!WdV!bZYaYY

    Because this is a fun build and therefore will only be used at low MP, I picked Burning Dogs in order to have a little bit more dps. I also picked Zombie Handler becasue...we need more pets ! Also I believe you don't really need Jungle Fortitude at low MP and you could use Pierce the Veil in order to gain more dps and make the build a little more viable :) Remember to use a really fast weapon with the Fetish Sycophants !

    If you use an Azurewrath with 13+ chance to freeze (really cheap) you could be both a full summoner and a Freeze Doctor with this build. Azurewrath is really fun but implies a low dps though, be warned !
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    Thanks for great suggestions Vulmio, on low MP's I could really use different passive it would be faster kills. It's just I wanted to see how far can this go. For low MP, anything would work ;)

    I'm more interested what could make it work on Higher MP. Above 5. I played 5 and it was difficult. Haven't even dared to try MP10.
    I would like to find out how far can we push this? Does anyone know of any video for making this work on MP5+ or a build/gear spec, preferably tested it also.
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